PCA Illustrated Standard Debacle ~ Part 4

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If you are just now coming into this series late you can read part 1, part 2 and part 3 to catch up.    Today I have done comparisons on full body drawings of the correct markings section of the standard.   Apparently, in addition to only being able to draw ear and tail sets so many ways, there are also only “so many ways” you can draw markings on a Papillon.    I think it’s safe to say that anyone that has been in Papillons for even 5 minutes would find this laughable.

I’m also getting much better at being able to resize the items for even better alignment.    I wish I could manage to get scans of both at the same size so that no resizing would be necessary.  That would be eye-opening, no doubt.

Like in previous posts we will be seeing both originals and then the comparison.

Carlson Correct Markings 1

Carlson Correct Markings 1


Pinke Correct Markings 1

Pinke Correct Markings 1


Correct Markings Compare 1

Correct Markings Compare 1





Carlson Correct Markings 2

Carlson Correct Markings 2


Pinke Correct Markings 2

Pinke Correct Markings 2


Correct Markings Compare 3

Correct Markings Compare 3




Carlson Correct Markings 3

Carlson Correct Markings 3


Pinke Correct Markings 3

Pinke Correct Markings 3


Correct Markings Compare 3

Correct Markings Compare 3


I’m not really sure how many more of these are necessary to make the point that this goes well beyond being able to draw a dog only a certain way and into little more than tracing existing images.   If anyone has a particular image from the IS that they want me to compare, I’ll be happy to do that.

PCA Illustrated Standard Debacle ~ Part 3

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If you have missed the first installments of this series you can catch up by reading part 1 and part 2.  Today we are going to be looking at comparisons of 3 different images.

For these comparisons there will be a copy of each original and then an image with Nancy Pinke’s original superimposed over the “new” drawing.   Unfortunately, these were not scanned in at the exact same size so Nancy’s drawings look a bit washed out when enlarged to the same size as the other one.    Shrinking the Carlson ones would make it very hard to see the images properly since the images are already relatively small to begin with.

This first set of images is of the Correct Papillon Head.


Carlson Correct Papillon Head

Carlson Correct Papillon Head


Pinke Correct Papillon Head

Pinke Correct Papillon Head


Correct Papillon Head Compare

Correct Papillon Head Compare


Next we have the Correct Phalene Head.

Carlson Correct Phalene Head

Carlson Correct Phalene Head


pinke correct  phalene head

Pinke Correct Phalene Head


Correct Phalene Compare

Correct Phalene Compare


Finally, we have the Domed Papillon Head.


Carlson Domed Head

Carlson Domed Head


Pinke Domed Head

Pinke Domed Head


I was having difficulty getting this particular one to line up.  Usually they just fall right into place on top of each other, so I thought maybe there was some original work here.  I got the ears to line up really nicely, but as you can see the face is a bit of a mess.

Domed Head Compare 1

Domed Head Compare 1

Then I tried it from the opposite way.  Using the face to line things up rather than the ears and boom, it lined up right into place with just a small adjustment in sizing.

domed head compare 2

Domed Head Compare 2


Next installment will be more comparisons.  I might mix it up a bit because it’s kind of boring doing the same type of comparisons over and over when the results are so predictable.

PCA Illustrated Standard Debacle ~ Part 2

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Deirdre Ashdown saw the postings on various facebook pages and posted a copy of her skeleton drawing.   I couldn’t resist comparing that to the “new” one, naturally :)  Below are those comparisons.  First we have the original of both skeletons.

ashdown skeleton

Ashdown Skeleton

carlson skeleton

Carlson Skeleton


This time I will start with the one area you can actually tell is different…the tail.    I’m not sure whether  it’s Mr. Carlson’s lack of experience with Papillons so he drew the skeleton how he imagined it would look based on the furred tail that he was seeing in pictures or if someone suggested to him that the tail set in the original was wrong.  I do, personally find it interesting that the tail set is the only clear change in the skeleton and it’s a rather dramatic one at that.   Maybe someone was specially a dog with a rather loose tail set those years or something ;)   As you will see from the comparison below, the drawings are virtually identical until the point where the tail set changes in the “new” version.

skeleton tail comparison

Skeleton Tail Comparison


I don’t think there is much commentary necessary on the rest of these comparisons.   On facebook, I mentioned the very professional hand lettering on the “new” skeleton.  Deirdre hypothesized that it was one way to make it seem less like a direct copy.  That makes sense…the way that you can only draw an ear set one way makes sense, so I’m sure she’s probably on to something ;)


skeleton Skull Comparison

Skeleton Skull Comparison


skeleton ribs comparison

Skeleton Ribs Comparison


full skeleton comparison

Full Skeleton Comparison


Up next, I will be starting to compare the 2 versions of the Illustrated Standard image by image.

PCA Illustrated Standard Debacle ~ Part 1

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I have been posting some of this stuff on my facebook page, but it is a little hard to follow things there as timelines move fast and putting items further down in the comments makes it hard for people that come into the conversation later to find the info.  So I’ve decided to go ahead and just dust off my long neglected blog for a little while.  I’m sure the Board will be thrilled to learn this ;)

This first post, I’m just going to repost the items I put up on facebook, so everyone coming here can be on the same page, so to speak.   In following posts, I will be providing further comparisons.  I now have a copy of both the IS that was on the PCA webpage and the booklet put out by Nancy Pinke and Charlotte McGowan.

Let the games begin, as they say ;)

In 2009, I was sent a graphic (shown below) and asked what I thought.  Just eyeballing it, I could tell that it was pretty much the same drawing, but I went further than that and took the “new” drawing (the one on the right) and superimposed it over the original (the one on the left).   These images are the result of that little experiment.  I’ve had them sitting around since 2009 in case this issue ever raised it’s ugly head again.

Illustrated Standard Comparioson

Illustrated Standard Comparison 2009


The new drawing is not the exact same size as the original, so initially I took the images the sizes they are above and simply moved the “new” one around to various places on the original to see how they matched up.   The following images are the results of that test.  Clicking on any of the images will make them larger.


head comparison

Head Comparison


neck comparison

Neck Comparison


front legs comparison

Front Legs Comparison


back legs comparison

Back Legs Comparison


culottes comparison

Culottes Comparison


In the tail comparison, you can see that even though the “new” tail is larger, the divot in the tail lines up.

tail comparison

Tail Comparison


Once I had the above images done, I decided to try and resize the “new” image to see how close I could get them.   I suspect if I had the percentage that the “new” image was enlarged I could lay it over the original pretty much perfectly.   I didn’t do too bad a job just guessing, as you can see below.


new image resized

“New” Image Resized


One of the arguments for the drawings looking so similar is that there is only “so many ways you can draw a particular ear set or tail set etc.”  In other words, there is really only so many ways you can draw a Papillon.   Anyone that has ever done are or looked at Papillon art knows this might be the lamest excuse ever given.   I think a 5 year old could probably come up with something better.   For my facebook post, I grabbed some random images off a google search to show that excuse had no credence.  I’m not going to post all of them here, but I will post a couple that I used for another comparison.

First we have a drawing we have all seen I’m sure.  It’s the Papillon on the AKC page:

AKC Papillon

Papillon Illustration from AKC Page


Here we have a comparison I did with the original drawing from the standard to show that just because a dog is in the same type of post doesn’t mean it will line up exactly with another one drawn in the same pose (even though that should be common sense).   The head is not facing straight forward in the AKC Papillon illustration so the front is slightly different, but the rear gives you a very good idea.

AKC pap vs IS pap

AKC Papillon vs Illustrated Standard Papillon


In part 2 of this series, I will be showing comparisons of the skeleton drawing done by Deirdre Ashdown and the one from the IS.

Vote for Tequila!

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Tequila is entered in a Halloween Costume Contest at Ask Away.   She would love your vote.   She is offering cyber puppy wags and kisses and future cute pictures for your trouble ;)

You can vote once every 24 hours at the link above.  She is the 3rd one down.

Here is a preview of her costume.  This was sent to us by my friend’s mom.  I had bought her a orange/black dress that could be used after Halloween as well rather than a costume per se, so I was really thrilled with this one.   She wore it to her vet visit yesterday and it was a huge hit with everyone there :)

Tequila playing

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This is a short video I took of Tequila and John playing. She was doing this with him and our vet appt. last week and it was cracking up the vet and she said “you should get a video of that.” So I did. I love when she rolls over on her back and paddles her feet at him. That is a very Teq move. She is always flopping over for a belly rub or rolling over and waving her feet at…well everyone.

Tequila Goes To Work

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Tequila goes to work with me every day.   We work from home, of course, but she takes work seriously.  She feels her role as my supervisor is of the utmost importance and she is a micro-manager!   It is not good enough to just be in the same room or even on the same chair.  No, she has to be right where the action is.  Making sure that I am doing things properly, is a full time job.

She wanted me to post this photographic proof of what a difficult job she has keeping me in line every day, so like a good slave, I am obliging her.

Yes, that is her sleeping on my hand while I am typing

Yes, that is her sleeping perilously close to the “back” button on my keyboard.  I have had to redo more things than I care to admit when she has woken up suddenly and hit that sucker, too!

Tequila Update

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Tequila is doing well.  She is 8 months old now.  Time flies, it seems like just yesterday, she was a tiny little slip of a thing that fit in my palm.   She is still pretty small at just under 4 pounds.

She was scheduled for her spay and to have her 2 remaining baby teeth removed, but I decided to pull blood work on her as a precaution.  I never pull blood work on puppies prior to spay or neuter and we have never had problems, but we have had a bad year this year with losing 2 dogs in close proximity and I could not bear the thought of something happening to Teq under anesthetic.

My vet, who is absolutely wonderful, is used to my bouts of irrationality about some things and thought it was not a bad idea to pull the blood work on her since she is a Chihuahua and while she has not shown any symptoms of having a shunt it’s something that can happen in the breed and we still aren’t sure what the “regurg” thing is about.

We also took Mr. Turner in for his yearly check up and blood work.

So the day before we were supposed to take Teq in for her spay, the vet calls me with the results of the blood work on both dogs.  She gave me Turner’s first and his looked great.  He is going to be 13 this year and he had cancer a few years ago and had chemotherapy.  His blood work looked great.   He was given an A+ on his test ;)

Her next words were: “Now don’t panic,” so I knew something came back with Teq’s liver and I was right.    It actually wasn’t that bad.  Her ALT was a bit elevated, but the rest of her blood work was great.  Her blood sugar was also a bit high, which is kind of strange, but she wasn’t worried about that.  I can’t recall now why she said that can happen, but it wasn’t high enough to worry about.

She doesn’t act like a shunt dog and with a shunt you normally see other blood values off, so we do not think it’s a shunt.   Sometimes a parasite can cause ALT to be elevated, so we postponed the spay and did a course of wormer and will do another blood test and see what her values look like at that point.   If it’s still elevated, then we will have to do something more “aggressive” like x-rays and a bile acid test.

As it turns out, it’s probably good we waited because Teq went into heat the next day so I’m sure that would have been an extra hard spay once she got in there and everything was all swollen up and yucky from her being in heat.

Here is Miss Teq at the vet, in one of her custom made dresses from The California Chi.   These are such a big hit and they are so well made.   Teq really loves them as well.

Heart and Def Leppard

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On July 31, 2011, John and I went to a Heart/Def Leppard concert.   I had seen Heart in concert in 1985 or 1986, so I was excited to see them again.  I was sorta luke warm about Def Leppard.  John had seen Def Leppard like 20 billion times before or something.  I am not sure if he’d seen Heart before.

I do not do very well with loud noise anymore (actually I’ve always been somewhat noise sensitive and it seems to get worse the older I get), so I was a bit dubious about a rock concert.    There were times that Jeff Dunham had me climbing out of my skin and he’s a comedian (who we are going to see again in November, I might add…very excited about that).

It was an outdoor venue, so I was hopeful that I would handle it ok.   After we left the house, I thought I should have brought ear plugs, but figured I’d just tough it out.  I was thrilled to discover they sold ear plugs there for a mere $3 so we snapped those suckers up when we bought our other souvenirs.

It was very hot out and I felt bad for both Heart and Def Leppard.  Maybe they are used to it, but they looked a bit miserable, in the heat.  Ann Wilson, in particular looked like she would rather be just about any place else, but she sounded quite good still.

I suffered through Heart without the ear plugs and the first couple Def Leppard songs, before finally giving in and once I put them in I really wish I had just used them at the start.  It made it SO much more enjoyable.  It was SOO SOO SOO loud that a lot of the time it was just a lot of noise to me.  If I didn’t know the song (like with Heart’s new song), it was just a garble of loud noise to me.  I could not make out any words at all.   Once I put in the ear plugs, it filtered it out to where even if I didn’t know the song I could hear the actual words and it made it a much better experience.

Then I was sad, I really didn’t get the full enjoyment I could have out of Heart if I had just used them from the beginning :(

Overall, I thought Def Leppard put on a better show, but did not sound as good vocally as Heart.   Joe Elliot, I think sounds a bit rougher than Ann Wilson in his later years.  The other parts of their show, the lighting and such, was much better than Heart’s though.   You got the feeling that Def Leppard really wanted to be at the venue.  Heart..not quite as much.

I spent a week doing nothing but saying “I have to recharge the camera batteries,”  “we can’t forget to take the camera” and variations of that and then…forgot to take the damn camera, of course.   So the only pictures we got were with John’s blackberry and are not very good, but I am putting them up here anywhere because it’s the only ones we have, unfortunately.

Blind Allegiance To Sarah Palin (Book Review)

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There is no stopping me now!   These are kind of fun to make and I am all over the map, as you can tell.   Actually, I was poking around the site and found the Squidlit area and was curious what it was.   Since Blind Allegiance was one of the last books I read, I figured I would go ahead and review it..again.   I should really have done The Lies of Sarah Palin by Geoffrey Dunn, but I kinda liked Blind Allegiance better.   I may do another lens for Lies later on, we’ll se.

So, as you probably guessed by now, I have made a lens for Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin.    Take a peek and if you have any other suggested reading be sure to add it to the list there with the handy module I have used that allows anyone to add books to the lens.   You can also vote books that are listed up or down.

You can rate Blind Allegiance and give it a thumbs up or down, as well as leave a comment as to why you liked or hated the book.   You can also just leave general feedback or comments at the bottom of the page.

If you buy anything I have recommended on the page, including any of the books that I or others recommend, a portion of the proceeds are automatically donated to the National Wildlife Federation Alaska Regional Center.  (You can verify this at the top of the page, near the rankings which I have no control over).