My New Toy

After about a week of doing nothing but comparing digital cameras, I finally bit the bullet yesterday and got a new Fuji Finepix S700 camera.

Since my friends are now going to be subjected to a constant flurry of pictures while I learn all the settings on this new thing (it’s a lot more detailed than my old camera), I figured I would take the opportunity to get some blogging in as well.  Misery loves company as they say 😉

So I have picked a few of my favorite pictures from my first test run to post here today.

First we have Orion (aka Smooshy).  This picture was actually taken in a room with NO lights on.  This is not postworked at’s straight off the camera.  I’m quite impressed with the flash capability on the camera so far.


Next up we have Obie. Obie has actually been a permanent resident for about 3 years, but I have never gotten around to making him his own page like the rest of the dogs. Obie is one of my infamous fear biters. Obie is not terribly enthused with cameras under the best of circumstances (part of the reason he’s never been given his own webpage) and his opinion has not changed. He was less than thrilled about the new camera and being “flashy thingyed” over and over.
For the curious, Obie is a lemon (he is a true other words he does not have black tips on his fur like a lemon sable) and you will notice that he lacks pigment. Lemon is an acceptable color in Papillons, but they are penalized if they do not have black pigment. I had never seen a true lemon in person until we got Obie.This next dog is Cajun and he is my seperation anxiety/thunderstorm phobic shadow dog.  Cajun is the only dog that, no matter what John does, loves ME best 😉  He can pretty much always be found near me. This picture is not flipped.  He was sitting at my feet, I called his name and when he looked back at me I snapped this picture.

Finally, we have Turner (aka Mr. Turner or Turnip Head).  Turner was our introduction to Papillons and he was purchased from a pet store. When Turner was younger, I wrote an article about some of the pitfalls you can run into with buying a puppy from a pet store.While one should never buy a puppy from a pet store (check my rescue page for information, links and stories about this topic), you absolutely should love your dog no matter where it came from.

Turner is definately a “favorite” here,  Just don’t tell the others that because they all think they are the favorite 😉

I’m sure in the following days, I will be posting more pictures as I learn the camera. Maybe this will be a good thing and actually get me blogging more regularly.

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