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Thursday Thirteen–13 things I thought I would use for my first Thursday 13

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(originally posted March 16, 2006)

This is my first shot at posting a Thursday Thirteen.  Much like my initial resistance to blogging in general, I was resistant to partaking in the Thursday Thirteen mania, but my kung fu proved puny once again and here we are 😉

Since my decision yesterday to take a stab at this I spent all day trying to decide what the heck I would use for my first Thursday Thirteen.  I still couldn’t decide today so I decided to use the things I thought about using (and will no doubt be fodder for future Thursday Thirteens), listed in no particular order.

13 Things I thought about using for my first Thursday Thirteen

  • My 13 favorite movies
  • My 13 favorite books and/or authors
  • 13 things about me
  • My 13 favorite foods/restaurants
  • My 13 favorite things to do
  • 13 things I did this week
  • 13 myths about Papillons
  • 13 good things about owning Papillons
  • 13 reasons NOT to own a Papillon
  • My 13 favorite actors and/or actresses
  • My 13 favorite Poser items
  • My 13 favorite online shopping sites
  • 13 great Cafepress stores/shopkeepers

Not the most exciting Thursday Thirteen, I’m certain, but now you have all that stuff to look forward to reading and I’m sure everyone is holding their breath in anticipation of what will show up here next Thursday 😉

Keeping Busy

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(originally posted March 14, 2006)

A lot of things keep me busy these days, but one of my favorite new activiites is being “Aunt Kay” to one of my friend’s almost 3 year old grandson and soon-to-be granddaughter.

I had absolutely refused to do anything for the new baby until it was “on the ground” because I was worried about them misidentifying the gender of the baby and they would have all this pink and frilly baby stuff and a brand new boy baby.

Then I saw a fluffy pink Eeyore and it was all downhill from there.  It’s true that once you cross a line you can never go back.  I got that pink Eeyore and the dam broke 😉

plush ponchoCurrently, my obsession is crocheting items for the new baby.  Ponchos being my favorite because they are quick and I can do them sitting at my desk waiting for pages to load and such.

The one pictured here is the newest one and was made with Red Heart Plush yarn.  The poncho was my first time using the plush yarn and it works up really nicely.  There will be more plush yarn items in the baby’s future 😉

 I have also rediscovered the joys of young boys (before that preteen/teen angst kicks in like it is with my own son) and am equally happy finding new things for my friend’s grandson.  He really loves Nemo …or we want him to love Nemo and he humors us..whichever you prefer so I’m always on the lookout for Nemo related items.

There are tons of Nemo items available and I pick them up often for him.  I was worried about him feeling left out when the baby comes with her getting all kinds of gifts so when I made a baby blanket for the baby, I also wanted to make one for him.  I started crocheting one for him and then found a kit for a Nemo fleece blanket.

nemo fleece blanketObviously, I could not pass that up and spent the weekend putting it together (again click on the thumbnail for a larger picture).

I have since found some Nemo fleece on a bolt and am using all my willpower not to buy some of that and make another blanket out of it since it’s a different pattern.

You can never have too many ponchos and blankets…right?


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(originally posted March 13, 2006)

I started this web page in 1997 as a way to keep busy after a back surgery left me disabled.  Since that time, the page has under gone a number of transformations as I learned new things and/or become interested in new things.

I had thus far managed to avoid the blogging craze and was perfectly happy in my ignorance of blogs and blogging.  Then I wanted an easy way to update the news on my store instead of having to constantly go in and manually edit the page. 

Several people mentioned blogging as a great way to accomplish what I wanted and while I resisted at first, I eventually became intrigued and started looking more closely at blogging.

I started a blog for my store and once I figured out how to add the feed in where I wanted it, I had to admit that I was in love with the ease of updating now.

Last week, my physical therapist (I had another major back surgery in Oct 05) asked me if I was doing a personal blog and I laughed and said “no, no one wants to read about what I do on a daily basis.” 

Privately, however, I had been tossing the idea around as a great way to keep my oft neglected personal home page more up to date so here we are 😉

The rest of the site is still the same, so if you came here looking for something you have seen before, you can still access everything via the uppermost links on the right hand side.

I have added a few other links in the links section there to some neat places to shop.  The old links page still exists under the My Links section at the top.