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Pixel roses and tree

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I’m a bit behind on my Pixel Art class with all the stuff that has gone on in the last 10 days or so, but I did manage to get partially caught up today.

It took me quite a while to get this tree done as it’s a lot of filling in at the pixel level.  I’m fairly happy with the way it turned out though.

I also did my pixel roses.  These I’m pretty happy with and may make a few more colors just for the fun of it.  The leafy parts were a bit rough (and yes I know these are not really rose leaves, but I’m not that good yet) 😉

Introducing Parker and Riley

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Normally we would not add new additions to our family while still reeling from the loss of 2 pets in such a short time.

Orion has been beside herself since Otter passed.  We got Orion when she was 10 weeks old and she has always had Otter as her buddy.   Otter hated her at first, but by the end of the first week, they were always sleeping together and playing.

Orion is completely lost without her friend and was making the most heart-wrenching calls for her ever since John came home without her.  I have worried about this situation happening for several years, but while Otter was getting older, she seemed to be in great shape so I wasn’t in a big rush to get a kitten.

Originally, I was going to look this past spring, but we got Mr. Paxton so I decided to wait until next spring to look for a kitten.

Unfortunately, that plan didn’t work out so well and we had Orion miserable and calling for her friend that would never return.   Every time she cried my heart broke a little bit more, so I started looking for a kitten.

I knew this may not solve Orion’s misery, but I hoped that having another cat around would help eventually, even if they didn’t get along at first.

When these two 10-week old girls came up needing a home we decided to take them both in.   They are being slowly integrated into the house because not all the dogs have been around kittens before and they are being kept separate from Orion until they have their vet check on Tuesday.

We did show them to her though and she perked up and there was no hissing or growling (from her..the kittens were a little unsure still) and most importantly she has stopped making that heartbreaking call since she has seen them.

So here we have Parker:

Otter may have had a paw in bringing these little ones to us.

Parker reminds me SO much of Otter.  When John brought them home, they were a little shell-shocked,  between the car ride and the barking dogs when they got inside.  John opened the crate and Parker came right out with headbutts and purring.

She is a wild child and I call her Adventure Cat because she is willing to try anything.   She has taken the dogs in stride and is starting so show some interest in some of them.   She immediately tested out all the new cat toys and climbed right to the top of the cat tree as soon as she saw it.

She purrs the second she can see a person and she even drools when happy like Otter did (which I still find as gross as I did when Otter did it, but it’s a nice memory of her.) 😉

She also is a big fat pig like Otter was.   We have to make sure that we watch them eat to make sure Riley gets her share which is reminiscent of the Otter/Orion relationship.

Riley on the other hand is very reserved and a bit timid.   She has earned the nickname Miss Riley because she is very prim and proper.  She likes to take her time scoping out a situation and is much happier being held than out adventuring.   She is still pretty wary of the dogs and is happy to stay in her crate right now.

Right now we are hand feeding her because she doesn’t seem to be very interested in food if left to her own devices.  She does drink water quite well though so I’m sure she will come along in the eating department once she is more settled in.

She is happy to sit on a lap or shoulder and survey the world from those safe spots.  She does purr, but it takes her a few minutes to get her motor running after you pick her up.   She likes to make sure of the situation before she relaxes.

I miss Otter terribly and still cry a lot, but it’s hard to be sad ALL the time with babies in the house.

(Riley in front and Parker in back)


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John got a good picture of She Who is EVUL so I thought I would share it.

Zach Memorial

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We have not received Zach’s ashes back yet, but the memorial stone I ordered did arrive yesterday.   I ordered his stone (and one for Otter) from the same place I got Ruthie’s stone 2 years ago.

They do really nice work and are very quick.  The stones look very nice and they are a lovely reminder of those we have lost when we are out in the yard.

Goodbye Otter

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When it rains, it pours.   We have barely started dealing with Zach crossing to the Rainbow Bridge, when today we had to let Otter cross over.

Otter turned 15 in April and came with me when I moved from South Dakota in 1997.   She was a really great cat that came into my life at a time when I didn’t want or need another cat, but she had different ideas and was a loving companion for her entire life.

She introduced John to the World of Cats when he was not terribly sure it was somewhere he wanted to tread.  It took her about 3 seconds after meeting him to decide that I had only been keeping her temporarily until she found him and it took him about the same 3 seconds to fall in love with her.

We suspect she has been sick for a while, though she had no outward symptoms until very recently.   A couple weeks ago, we noticed she had lost a bit of weight.  She was a touch overweight for the last few years so I wasn’t overly worried about a slight weight loss.

We started monitoring her food and she was eating like normal and was her normal self.   Today when John got home from work, she could not stand up so he rushed her up to the emergency vet.  They started running some tests, but when her liver values came back exceptionally bad, we knew it was time to let her go.

Zach was there to meet her when she crossed over and I know he will take good care of her and show her the ropes.

She will always be missed.

This picture was taken around her birthday in April and she looked great then.

Goodbye Zach

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It is with deep sadness that we had to let Zach go to the Rainbow Bridge today.  Zach has been suffering a lot of heath issues recently.  Today we had a CT scan done on his neck as he came up lame in his right front a few days ago.

He had 4 slipped disks in his neck and the vet felt that at this point his quality of life was pretty poor.  Given all his other current health issues, we made the decision that every pet owner dreads.

Zach came to us as an unadoptable rescue 6 years ago and turned into a lively and friendly family pet.  He still had his issues, but he got along quite well here.

He will be deeply missed.

Pixel Kids!

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This week in the world of pixel art, we learned to make tiny people….really tiny people 😉
Pixel Kids

My next project is going to be working on making tiny people (and hopefully eventually puppies) bigger so that we don’t all go blind trying to see them.

We also learned how to make a lace runner.  Frankly, I can’t really see any use for this type of graphic, but I suppose there are people out there that have found a use.  I don’t envision making loads of these though.

Papillon Markings

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While looking at pictures of a friend’s Papillons today, I was once again reminded that one of the reasons I love the breed is the variety of markings they have.  That in turn, reminded me of one of my favorite “features” of The Bun.

I am often on the phone with Anna when she whelps a litter of puppies and usually function as the Official Record Keeper during the births, writing down times, weights, markings etc. so it’s done in real time and Anna can worry about the bitch and puppies.

In The Bun’s litter, there were 2 puppies which looked nearly identical and we were trying to find ways to tell them apart when they were newly born, as they were both boys.   When looking at the newborn pictures we noticed that one had an all white side.  This is not all that unusual in Papillons, of course.   Many Papillons have all white bodies.

Normally, even the dogs with largely white bodies have one big spot of color on one side or the other or a spot in the middle of the back that drops over onto either side like a saddle.

The Bun, however, has one all white side and one side that has 3 spots of color.  I had never personally seen this particular marking in a Papillon (not that it doesn’t exist…just not in my experience).


I said that we should paint a nice butterfly on his all white side.  John thinks we should offer that side up for advertisements when he take him out to different venues 😉

Pixel Art

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I’m on a roll blogging today (hopefully it lasts this time) 😉

Anna and I decided to expand our graphics horizons once again, so we are taking a class on Pixel Art.  We are on week 2 of 6 so we are just learning the basics right now, but I thought I would share my Week 2 “masterpieces.”  😉

Brick Wall

Pencil and Tablet

Meet Paxton!

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Paxton (aka: The Bun) joined us a few months ago. He came to us from my friend Anna of Asia Papillons. Paxton has been a marvelous addition to our family and we could not have asked for a better puppy. Since our other dogs are mainly rescues, not all of them are as thrilled with Pax as we are 😉


When we first got him, his favorite place to hang out was on my desk, as you can see from these first 2 pictures. He has outgrown my desk now, but still loves the tiny green bed that sat on my desk for him.


At some point, I started calling Paxton various forms of bunny names, including Bunicula, The Bun and Bun Bun. I’m not even sure how it started anymore, but now most often he’s referred to as Bun or The Bun.


These are just a few photos that show him growing up a bit since I haven’t written about him in the past. I hope to have more regular updates now that I got started. We are in the midst of training him various and sundry things and I hope to get a video of him doing his tricks up soon.