Goodbye Otter

When it rains, it pours.   We have barely started dealing with Zach crossing to the Rainbow Bridge, when today we had to let Otter cross over.

Otter turned 15 in April and came with me when I moved from South Dakota in 1997.   She was a really great cat that came into my life at a time when I didn’t want or need another cat, but she had different ideas and was a loving companion for her entire life.

She introduced John to the World of Cats when he was not terribly sure it was somewhere he wanted to tread.  It took her about 3 seconds after meeting him to decide that I had only been keeping her temporarily until she found him and it took him about the same 3 seconds to fall in love with her.

We suspect she has been sick for a while, though she had no outward symptoms until very recently.   A couple weeks ago, we noticed she had lost a bit of weight.  She was a touch overweight for the last few years so I wasn’t overly worried about a slight weight loss.

We started monitoring her food and she was eating like normal and was her normal self.   Today when John got home from work, she could not stand up so he rushed her up to the emergency vet.  They started running some tests, but when her liver values came back exceptionally bad, we knew it was time to let her go.

Zach was there to meet her when she crossed over and I know he will take good care of her and show her the ropes.

She will always be missed.

This picture was taken around her birthday in April and she looked great then.

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