Papillon Markings

While looking at pictures of a friend’s Papillons today, I was once again reminded that one of the reasons I love the breed is the variety of markings they have.  That in turn, reminded me of one of my favorite “features” of The Bun.

I am often on the phone with Anna when she whelps a litter of puppies and usually function as the Official Record Keeper during the births, writing down times, weights, markings etc. so it’s done in real time and Anna can worry about the bitch and puppies.

In The Bun’s litter, there were 2 puppies which looked nearly identical and we were trying to find ways to tell them apart when they were newly born, as they were both boys.   When looking at the newborn pictures we noticed that one had an all white side.  This is not all that unusual in Papillons, of course.   Many Papillons have all white bodies.

Normally, even the dogs with largely white bodies have one big spot of color on one side or the other or a spot in the middle of the back that drops over onto either side like a saddle.

The Bun, however, has one all white side and one side that has 3 spots of color.  I had never personally seen this particular marking in a Papillon (not that it doesn’t exist…just not in my experience).


I said that we should paint a nice butterfly on his all white side.  John thinks we should offer that side up for advertisements when he take him out to different venues 😉

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