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The Not-Quite-Daily Parker Post

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I have been a little lax on the daily kitten posts 😉   Here are some new pictures of Parker and the kittens good friend Obie.  Obie is about the last dog I expected would like, let alone actually be interested in the kittens.  He is actually very interested in them and seems to really enjoy them (when he really doesn’t enjoy a whole lot..he’s a bit grouchy).

He is the only dog that is allowed in the cat room because he pays absolutely no attention to anything but the kittens.  He completely ignores the toys, litterboxes and cat food.  He does pay rapt attention to the kittens every move and follows them around like a shadow.     He doesn’t really try to play with them, but if they play with him he’s ok with that.  He mostly just likes to follow them around and watch them (not in a prey type way).


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Parker and Riley have been waging a war for a couple weeks.  The War to Claim the Top of the Cat Tree has been valiantly fought by both sides, but the introduction of a new bed was the turning point in that war.

Orion has long held the Queen of the Cat Tree title and could most often be found there.   The introduction of the kittens seemed to just make her more resolved never to leave the safety of the upper deck while the interlopers were free in her midst.

Many attempts were waged by the kittens to dislodge her from her spot, mostly out of curosity, I think.   They even tried double teaming her, with one drawing her attention and the other trying to get to the top of the tree, but each attempt was met with a big hiss and a few whaps of the paw.

Orion did stop completely ignoring them and started watching them after a day or so, but still had no desire to actually be near either of them.   Her icy position has started to melt a little and we have even caught all three of them at the top of the tree, if briefly (too brief for photographic evidence so far).

Below you have the kitten victory session of cat tree playing, while Orion watches from the safety of the new black bed.

Things that go Moosh!

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Orion is finally getting used to the interlopers in her world and has stopped living on top of the cat tree the majority of the time so we were able to get a few pictures of her in various other places.

She did immediately claim the lovely, soft, black bed that I bought for the kittens, but they don’t seem to mind as they can now venture to the top of the cat tree without risking life and limb.

They have been DYING to see the top of the tree since they were introduced to the “cat room,” but Orion was the Mighty Defender of the Upper Deck and valiantly fought off anyone that dared darken the top of the tree.


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My pixel art class is over.  I had a good time taking the class, for the most part.  There were a few parts that were a bit frustrating, but after I worked through them I was glad I did.

My instructor, Sheryl, was kind enough to send me a Certificate of Completion for the course and she took the extra time to include all my lessons to help me commerate the class.   Sheryl went the extra mile during the whole class and this will be a lovely reminder.

Pixel Art “final”

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This is the scene I turned in as my final lesson for my Pixel Art class.   I had a good time in the class and would recommend it to anyone that is into those kind of graphics.  The teacher was very nice and she was great if any of us had any problems.   I hope she offers a Pixel Art 2 class at sometime in the future.

Pixel Puppy!

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This is the last week of the Pixel Art class I am taking.   I have already signed up for a digital art (painting) class starting in November, so you all will continue to have to suffer my artistic endeavors 😉

This week, we are putting everything we have learned in Pixel Art into a scene, but we had a couple new things to add this week as well.

It’s long been a dream of mine to have Papillon art and it’s mostly been unsuccessful, so when I saw we learned how to make a puppy in the pixel art class, I was excited.   While this is not a Papillon, I hope that it will give us the ability to make Papillons in the future (and I think it will with enough persistence).

So I give you my Pixel Art Puppy!

Paxton grows up

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I’m still playing around with Photobucket.  It’s been a few slow “news” days here so I thought I would post this slideshow of The Bun growing up.   These pictures are from when he is 3 months to 9 months old.

It’s Anna’s fault!!

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Anna took a class on blogging a couple months ago and since then has set up blogs for not only herself, but others that she does websites for.

I was visiting one of those sites a few days ago when we were on the phone and was commenting on how cute the page was with all the little graphics and slideshows.  Anna said they were done using Photobucket and that I should sign up for it.

I finally got around to doing that tonight after seeing a cute slideshow that she set up for InVolo Papillons Blog.

All I can say at this point is that Anna has created a monster and I’m sure she is going to live to regret it because for everything I actually manage to post, she is going to have to look at 23482347987 things that I try before posting 😉

Here is my first slideshow!   I do need to figure out how to resize my pictures better as some of them are getting cut off a bit.

These are pics of Riley and Parker (most of which I haven’t posted on the blog before).

Ears tell the tale

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We have dubbed our spare room, which is mostly used for storage, as the “cat room.”   We have a baby gate blocking the door so the cats can come and go, but the dogs can’t get in.   This gives the cats a safe haven from the dogs if they don’t want to be bothered and we can free fed them and not worry about the dogs getting in the litter pan.

The cats were long adult by the time we blocked the room off for them, so the room being kind of haphazardly arranged wasn’t an issue.   It is not kitten safe though, so this weekend was the kitten-proofing of the “cat room” project.

Bun, does not like change…at all.  Thus, kitten-proofing the “cat room”  translates to a time of great worry in Paxtonland.  Paxton’s ears are a really good barometer of his mood.   Up ears is a happy Bun.  Floppy ears is a stressed out Bun.

Here is Paxton, relating to his dad that he’s had ENOUGH of this change crap and would like things to go back to normal.

Here he is looking at the kittens playing, but as you can see his ears show he’s not very pleased about the whole day’s events

Here are a couple close ups I got when he was watching Parker play with the camera strap.

(Almost) Daily Kitten post

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Not a whole lot new on the kitten front, other than they are so much fun and they are really good kittens.  They are still being crated part of the time as all the dogs aren’t quite kitten friendly yet and we have a foster dog that will (thankfully) be leaving soon that will *never* be safe around them.

They enjoy anything we give them to play with.  I had gotten a little cat tree/house thing for Otter and Orion a while back and both of them shunned it and wanted nothing to do with it.   John got it out for Riley and Parker last night and they had fun exploring it, climbing all over it and using the sisal scratching post areas.

When I got out the camera to take pictures, like a moth to a flame, Parker ran over to play with the lens cap and I got this super close up of Paxton checking our Parker.