(Almost) Daily Kitten post

Not a whole lot new on the kitten front, other than they are so much fun and they are really good kittens.  They are still being crated part of the time as all the dogs aren’t quite kitten friendly yet and we have a foster dog that will (thankfully) be leaving soon that will *never* be safe around them.

They enjoy anything we give them to play with.  I had gotten a little cat tree/house thing for Otter and Orion a while back and both of them shunned it and wanted nothing to do with it.   John got it out for Riley and Parker last night and they had fun exploring it, climbing all over it and using the sisal scratching post areas.

When I got out the camera to take pictures, like a moth to a flame, Parker ran over to play with the lens cap and I got this super close up of Paxton checking our Parker.

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