Ears tell the tale

We have dubbed our spare room, which is mostly used for storage, as the “cat room.”   We have a baby gate blocking the door so the cats can come and go, but the dogs can’t get in.   This gives the cats a safe haven from the dogs if they don’t want to be bothered and we can free fed them and not worry about the dogs getting in the litter pan.

The cats were long adult by the time we blocked the room off for them, so the room being kind of haphazardly arranged wasn’t an issue.   It is not kitten safe though, so this weekend was the kitten-proofing of the “cat room” project.

Bun, does not like change…at all.  Thus, kitten-proofing the “cat room”  translates to a time of great worry in Paxtonland.  Paxton’s ears are a really good barometer of his mood.   Up ears is a happy Bun.  Floppy ears is a stressed out Bun.

Here is Paxton, relating to his dad that he’s had ENOUGH of this change crap and would like things to go back to normal.

Here he is looking at the kittens playing, but as you can see his ears show he’s not very pleased about the whole day’s events

Here are a couple close ups I got when he was watching Parker play with the camera strap.

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