It’s Anna’s fault!!

Anna took a class on blogging a couple months ago and since then has set up blogs for not only herself, but others that she does websites for.

I was visiting one of those sites a few days ago when we were on the phone and was commenting on how cute the page was with all the little graphics and slideshows.  Anna said they were done using Photobucket and that I should sign up for it.

I finally got around to doing that tonight after seeing a cute slideshow that she set up for InVolo Papillons Blog.

All I can say at this point is that Anna has created a monster and I’m sure she is going to live to regret it because for everything I actually manage to post, she is going to have to look at 23482347987 things that I try before posting 😉

Here is my first slideshow!   I do need to figure out how to resize my pictures better as some of them are getting cut off a bit.

These are pics of Riley and Parker (most of which I haven’t posted on the blog before).

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