Paxton meets the kittens

We have been keeping the kittens in either a crate or an expen as we slowly introduce them to the dogs.   At first Paxton was not at all happy with these tiny interlopers and he would bark frantically (bordering on hysteria) when we first got them.

Bun has a bit of problem with change.  I don’t blame him.  I don’t like it either.   So we have tried introducing him to the kittens while holding one and he was having none of that either.  Finally I decided he would get used to them and settle down.

Last night, he was showing some interest in them without being hysterical so I decided we would try introducing him to them today while they were playing in the bedroom.

As I expected, he was fine with them today, now that he is used to them being around.  He DESPERATELY wanted to play with them, but they are not quite to that point yet.  He tried every cute trick in his book to entice them into playing with him.

After he calmed down a bit (he was pretty excited at first), they started playing with each other.  He watched them and tried to get them to let him join in, but had no luck on this first attempt.  He finally gave up, in disgust, and asked to be let out of the bedroom to continue on his normal morning routine.

Since pictures are so small so it’s hard to see this, but Parker is playing with Paxton here and batting him on the nose.  I cropped out a close up to make it easier to see.

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