The Not-Quite-Daily Parker Post

I have been a little lax on the daily kitten posts 😉   Here are some new pictures of Parker and the kittens good friend Obie.  Obie is about the last dog I expected would like, let alone actually be interested in the kittens.  He is actually very interested in them and seems to really enjoy them (when he really doesn’t enjoy a whole lot..he’s a bit grouchy).

He is the only dog that is allowed in the cat room because he pays absolutely no attention to anything but the kittens.  He completely ignores the toys, litterboxes and cat food.  He does pay rapt attention to the kittens every move and follows them around like a shadow.     He doesn’t really try to play with them, but if they play with him he’s ok with that.  He mostly just likes to follow them around and watch them (not in a prey type way).

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