Parker and Riley have been waging a war for a couple weeks.  The War to Claim the Top of the Cat Tree has been valiantly fought by both sides, but the introduction of a new bed was the turning point in that war.

Orion has long held the Queen of the Cat Tree title and could most often be found there.   The introduction of the kittens seemed to just make her more resolved never to leave the safety of the upper deck while the interlopers were free in her midst.

Many attempts were waged by the kittens to dislodge her from her spot, mostly out of curosity, I think.   They even tried double teaming her, with one drawing her attention and the other trying to get to the top of the tree, but each attempt was met with a big hiss and a few whaps of the paw.

Orion did stop completely ignoring them and started watching them after a day or so, but still had no desire to actually be near either of them.   Her icy position has started to melt a little and we have even caught all three of them at the top of the tree, if briefly (too brief for photographic evidence so far).

Below you have the kitten victory session of cat tree playing, while Orion watches from the safety of the new black bed.

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