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You would not know it from these new pictures, but Riley has really come out of her shell and has truly earned the nickname “Danger Cat.”   If there is a kitten doing something that they shouldn’t 9 times out of 10 it’s Riley.   She is willing to try lots of new things, whether those things may be smart or not 😉

She is currently plotting the death of her arch-nemesis the Ceiling Fan!   She is not sure how or when it will happen, but she is certain that she *will* be able to get it.

In one of the pics, you will notice Riley is carrying around a small white mouse toy.   This is a toy that used to be Otter’s and it’s what we call “well loved.”    I have been buying them all kinds of new toys and fun new catnip mice toys in all different kinds and colors, which they do enjoy, but when we cleaned out the cat room we found one lone mouse left over from when Otter played with toys.

I just left it in the cat room with the other toys that we found hiding amongst the boxes and didn’t think much of it.   Riley found it and it has become her soulmate.   She carries that mouse round with her everywhere.  She actually holds the mouse while playing with other toys and if the mouse somehow gets misplaced, she will stop whatever she is doing and find the mouse.

Parker playing with the mouse is greatly frowned upon and Riley will go to great lengths to keep Parker from obtaining the mouse.  If Parker does get it, then Riley will pounce on her and immediately retrieve it and go off to play with her mouse on her own.

The dogs carry toys around all the time and it’s cute, but I don’t think that much of it because it’s what dogs do.  I’ve never had a cat that is that enamoured with one specific toy, so it really amuses me when I see Riley carrying around her mouse.