Riley Helps

Riley, has many titles here.  She is very hard working!  One of her titles is Supervisory Agent Riles.  She dons this “hat” anytime John is doing something that she deems needs her “help.” This  is pretty much everything he does, because he can’t be trusted to do anything right, without Supervisory Agent Riles help, of course.   Parker is Assistant Supervisory Agent Parker, for the record.  Sometimes, tasks are deemed to low on the totem pole for actual Supervisory Agent overseeing so Riles sends Parker in her place 😉

Yesterday after we opened presents, John was transferring the tree ornaments out of the bag we had kept them in for years which was falling apart, into a nice box that some gifts had been shipped in and of course this meant that he needed supervision!

Here is Riley helping him:

As you can see, he would never have been able to accomplish his task without Riley’s expert help.  I’m not sure how we managed to get anything done in this house before we got the kittens 😉

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