Random Cata Screenshots

Here are some random screen shots from World of Warcraft’s newest expansion Cataclysm.  I have never really blogged about playing WoW before, but decided now was as good a time to start as any 😉

I am still undecided on Cata.  I like some things.  I hate others.  Pretty much like everything in WoW 🙂    Some of the zones are very pretty though.  I need to get some screen shots of the underwater zone, because it’s really pretty.

This is Thrall’s new home on a big rock.

The maelstrom, beside Thrall’s big rock

This one cracks me up.   There are these herbs you can get that turn you into various plants.  This one actually is a grave moss graphic, but as you can see my friend Vampy is now known as Peacebloom, the Kingslayer!  (very scary!)

(click to enlarge)

This is in Uldum, which is a really pretty zone, I think.   This is my main, Mori (a mage), on her Headless Horseman’s mount flying to turn in a quest, but the full moon was pretty so I decided to take a picture.

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