The South Beach Diet

John and I are starting the South Beach Diet today.  It was recommended to us by our internist.  I have debated whether I even wanted to blog about this at all, but then decided why not.  Maybe it will be motivating or something.

So we have somewhat different reasons for needing the diet.   John only needs to lose about 20 pounds.  I, ideally, need to lose around 127* (ugh).  That is probably not happening for me, because I am realistic.   I will be happy with any weight loss.

To be very frank, I’m not horribly upset about my weight.   I have been overweight for much of my life and it’s never really held me back from doing what I wanted to do.   I’ve held the jobs I wanted to hold, I’ve had kids, I’ve been married.   It probably hasn’t helped my back situation, but it’s not the cause of it.  I have some congenital conditions that would be there whether I was overweight or model thin.    I would probably be in the same place I am today regardless of my weight, in terms of the disability.

While I did go through a period of having high blood pressure it was caused by PAIN, not by my weight.  Since my pain has been under control, I have been off high blood pressure medication and my blood pressure has been excellent, even with eating salt.

My triglycerides are good.  John’s are not (his reason for going on the diet more than needing to lose weight).  His triglycerides are now so high that the machine can’t even read them, but he weighs less than I do.   My triglycerides are 1/3 of what the machine reports his as before it freaks out and gives up 😉

Would I be healthier with less weight, well of course.  I do not deny that.  However, I can’t do a lot of stuff that I used to do and miss doing and torturing myself about food is not something I am willing to do on top of it.   I have enough issues that make me depressed without adding food to the mix.

So the Dr. mentioned the South Beach Diet a few months ago and our Dr. is great.  He doesn’t ever force anything.  He tries to work with what I’m willing to do without pushing me, which just shuts me down.   We bought the book and a little food guide and we were going to start it, but had a lot of food in the freezer and then it was our birthdays and the holidays, so we decided to wait until the first of the year.   So here we are!

If you aren’t familiar with the South Beach Diet, it’s a 3 phase diet.   Phase 1 is pretty strict in what you can/can’t eat.  Phase 2, you start adding foods back in and Phase 3 is the ‘maintenance” phase.    If you don’t need to lose a lot of weight (like John), you can just start on Phase 2.  John, is starting with me on Phase 1, which means he will lose his entire 20 pounds by the time I start phase 2 I’m pretty sure, particularly given how men lose weight so much easier than women.    I just go around repeating my triglyceride number to him and I feel better though 😉

We are going to “weigh in” once a week, on Saturday and we are keeping a spreadsheet to track the (hopeful) weight loss.    I ordered Wii Fit Plus and The Biggest Loser for the Wii, which John will be able to do and I will hopefully be able to do some of the stuff in them and we will see how it goes from there.

*If you read this entry when I first posted it, it said 177 pounds.  I am very bad at math.  It took me a few hours of tossing around in my head 177 pounds REALLY??? to realize that I made a math error.

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