Chihuahua Fashion

I usually keep several of Teq’s different clothes items in a basket on my desk, mostly out of laziness.  Her “dresser” is the bottom drawer of the organizer next to my desk and it’s sort of a pain to get into it, so it’s just easier to keep the stuff she wears the most on my desk.    She will dig through the basket and pull out what she wants to wear some days, just like she hands me the container of cheerios when she wants to train (or be fed cheerios).

I had John pick up another basket so that I could put all her clothes in it and she would have some more options to choose from.  I have custom ordered her some clothes from The California Chi, so wanted something for when those get here (which I’m very excited about, as an aside).

So when I was pulling stuff out of the bottom drawer, I decided to see if any of the stuff I bought for Teq when we very first got her fit her yet.   It was all WAY too big when we got her and I wasn’t sure she would ever grow into some of it.

Yes, I will be sleeping with one eye open for the next few days, in case you were wondering 😉

As always, click on the images to make them larger.

Just so you don’t think I was being horribly cruel, I did not make her wear the bunny ears hood for any longer than it took to take the pictures and once cheerios were involved, she decided the hood wasn’t *that* bad.  Several of the pictures where it looks like she is mad, she’s actually either eating a cheerio or looking at me holding a cheerio off camera 😉

The one that surprised me was the full body jammies.  I did not think she would particularly like those, but when I tried to take them off her, she threw a fit and wanted them left on.  She ended up wearing them most of the afternoon and was happy with them, even though they are still slightly too large.   It was a bit rainy, chilly that day though so that may have influenced her.  She really likes to be pretty toasty.    She will go under blankets even when it’s quite warm out.

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