Cajun Painting

Our 10th Anniversary (!) was the 23rd.  We had a pretty mellow day, as we are still having a bit of a rough time over the recent loss of Pippi.   We went out to eat (Golden Corral, John’s favorite new place.  It only took me 14 years to get him to try it.  lol) and watched a movie (The Rite).

I got John the by now, probably expected, Nancy Pinke pet portrait!    I had planned a bit of a different schedule for the paintings, but Cajun’s passing moved him to next in line.  Nancy is so wonderful to work with.  I quickly sent her pictures the day Cajun died and said something like I don’t need this for a few months, but won’t be able to look at pictures, so I’m sending them to you now.

I think this is perhaps the best one she has done for us.  John says the Zach one is still the best.  They are all very good, but the Zach one really captured the Zach-a-roo.  I think this one is very close, if not on the same level as the Zach one.

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