Pippi is at the Rainbow Bridge

We had to let Pippi go on June 18th.  This was completely unexpected and a total shock to us.  Pip has been fairly healthy given her somewhat rough start.  She was in a “rescue” in Texas that was letting her have puppies and we were unable to get them to release her to our organization for quite some time.  Eventually, we sent someone down to do an adoption to get her out and by then she had heartworms.  She was flown up to our area, went through the heartworm treatment, which in itself is a very risky treatment and was eventually adopted out through the organization (she was not fostered by us originally).

Her adoption fell through a few months later and she was returned to the organization, so we were asked to foster her temporarily.    When time came to move her, I told the rescue chair (who was my friend) that she was going to have to be the one that pried Pippi from John’s cold dead hands because I was not going to get in the middle of that 😉  She decided that Pippi had already found her forever home.    It turned out to be a good decision because Pip started having seizures soon after that, though they never got bad enough to need medication.

So Pip had been very healthy for the 8 years we have had her and we have only had her in for 1 non-routine vet visit (a slab fracture of a tooth which abcessed, which likely happened before we got her because I don’t allow the kinds of chew items that would normally cause a slab fracture.  It can also be from chewing rocks, but she never did that here either).     Saturday, she was a bit “off,”  nothing really big, but John was off and wanted to take her to the vet.  Our regular vet was off, so was our back up vet and our back up, back up vet.   The girls at reception were nice enough to give us an “urgent care” appt. which is $40 cheaper than the emergency walk in fee, but we did not get the vet we were supposed to, which was a bit annoying.  We got the ONE vet at our practice that I am not fond of.

I figured that Pip had hurt her back because her tail was down and she wasn’t too interested in moving around, but she was still eating/drinking and generally acting fairly like herself.   She was trying to follow John around, but you could tell she wanted him to just stay put so she didn’t have to move a whole lot.   Everything looked like “back” to me.  I figured it would be a metacam script and 2 weeks of crate rest (which we have been through with various dogs before).

What is was, was multi-system organ failure 🙁    The prognosis was not very hopeful and at that point Pip was not suffering so we decided it was better to let her go before it got bad.   We just lost Cajun in February to heart issues (one of the systems that was failing) and watching him slowly die was horrible for us and I’m sure it was no picnic for him, either.

We got her a memorial stone from Adirondack Stone Works, like we have with everyone else.  They really do such nice work and they ship the stones out very quickly.

We got her remains back in a lovely wooden box with her name on the side.

Our vet did the paw print thing again.  Pip’s is a bit different than Cajun’s was.   They did both her front feet and she got different charms on her’s.  It’s nice that they seem to put some thought into them when they make them.   Pip’s was also in a little pink net bag for storage.


9/1/99 – 6/18/11

You will be missed!

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