When Teq was very little, her Aunt Lisa sent her a great thermal shirt made by a woman named April from The California Chi.    A while after that, I emailed April about ordering some shirts and then I asked if I could send her some fabric and have her make me some shirts from that fabric.   My original intent was to get a couple Pirates and Steelers things that John would like to see Teq in.

Because I am me, that turned into something much bigger than a couple Pirates and Steelers shirts 😉    When we were done, it looked something like this:

I haven’t even gotten all the stuff out of the box yet and gotten pictures of Teq in everything, but over the next few days, I will be sharing pictures of Tequila in her fabulous new wardrobe.

She particularly loves the sleeveless shirts.   I have to fight with her to take them off once I put one on her.   She wore one for 3 days in a row once before I finally forced her to let me remove it 😉    Usually she will strip herself when she gets too warm or tired of wearing a shirt, but she loves her some sleeveless t-shirts!

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