The Big Room

Teq does not yet get full access to the entire house for safety reasons (she is pretty small) and she also doesn’t get full access to the backyard like the other dogs yet.  So when she gets to go out in the full back yard we say she is thinking “wow this is a really big room” (yes we are anthropomorphizing, it’s part of the fun of owning a pet) 😛

She burns a lot (A LOT) of energy in “the big room” so I am starting to let her go out there more often now that she is a bit older and has shown she has no desire to try and get under the deck or any of the other teeny, tiny places that small dogs shouldn’t be going, but Papillons all seemed to think were the best places EVAH when they were puppies (I finally learned by the time we got the chihuahua!).

Here are some pictures of the Chihuahua and her Papillon siblings in “the big room” over the weekend (some comments follow):

Pictures of Bun without’s a festivus miracle!  Poor Bun, hopefully the allergy shots will start working and he can be permanently headgear free.   I’ve managed to keep some fringe on him despite the headgear (not an easy feat), so you can imagine how much fringe he’d have if he wasn’t wearing that thing 24/7 for the last couple years.   He’s a good boy.   You can see Teq taking advantage of his temporary headgearlessness to jump on his head.   He prefers to play with her WITH the headgear on (I don’t blame him, her baby teeth are sharp).

Kendall is getting so red, which I do not understand, because I don’t see her incessantly licking , but from the looks of her legs you would think that is ALL she does.  She is going to be 9 and is a pet, so it’s not really a battle I am planning to fight, but it’s slightly perplexing.

A picture of camera shy Obie with his *great* front *cough*   That was one of the few times when he has actually posed for a shot.  Usually he runs when he sees the camera. Maybe the prozac is working.

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