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Tequila Goes To Work

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Tequila goes to work with me every day.   We work from home, of course, but she takes work seriously.  She feels her role as my supervisor is of the utmost importance and she is a micro-manager!   It is not good enough to just be in the same room or even on the same chair.  No, she has to be right where the action is.  Making sure that I am doing things properly, is a full time job.

She wanted me to post this photographic proof of what a difficult job she has keeping me in line every day, so like a good slave, I am obliging her.

Yes, that is her sleeping on my hand while I am typing

Yes, that is her sleeping perilously close to the “back” button on my keyboard.  I have had to redo more things than I care to admit when she has woken up suddenly and hit that sucker, too!

Tequila Update

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Tequila is doing well.  She is 8 months old now.  Time flies, it seems like just yesterday, she was a tiny little slip of a thing that fit in my palm.   She is still pretty small at just under 4 pounds.

She was scheduled for her spay and to have her 2 remaining baby teeth removed, but I decided to pull blood work on her as a precaution.  I never pull blood work on puppies prior to spay or neuter and we have never had problems, but we have had a bad year this year with losing 2 dogs in close proximity and I could not bear the thought of something happening to Teq under anesthetic.

My vet, who is absolutely wonderful, is used to my bouts of irrationality about some things and thought it was not a bad idea to pull the blood work on her since she is a Chihuahua and while she has not shown any symptoms of having a shunt it’s something that can happen in the breed and we still aren’t sure what the “regurg” thing is about.

We also took Mr. Turner in for his yearly check up and blood work.

So the day before we were supposed to take Teq in for her spay, the vet calls me with the results of the blood work on both dogs.  She gave me Turner’s first and his looked great.  He is going to be 13 this year and he had cancer a few years ago and had chemotherapy.  His blood work looked great.   He was given an A+ on his test 😉

Her next words were: “Now don’t panic,” so I knew something came back with Teq’s liver and I was right.    It actually wasn’t that bad.  Her ALT was a bit elevated, but the rest of her blood work was great.  Her blood sugar was also a bit high, which is kind of strange, but she wasn’t worried about that.  I can’t recall now why she said that can happen, but it wasn’t high enough to worry about.

She doesn’t act like a shunt dog and with a shunt you normally see other blood values off, so we do not think it’s a shunt.   Sometimes a parasite can cause ALT to be elevated, so we postponed the spay and did a course of wormer and will do another blood test and see what her values look like at that point.   If it’s still elevated, then we will have to do something more “aggressive” like x-rays and a bile acid test.

As it turns out, it’s probably good we waited because Teq went into heat the next day so I’m sure that would have been an extra hard spay once she got in there and everything was all swollen up and yucky from her being in heat.

Here is Miss Teq at the vet, in one of her custom made dresses from The California Chi.   These are such a big hit and they are so well made.   Teq really loves them as well.

Heart and Def Leppard

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On July 31, 2011, John and I went to a Heart/Def Leppard concert.   I had seen Heart in concert in 1985 or 1986, so I was excited to see them again.  I was sorta luke warm about Def Leppard.  John had seen Def Leppard like 20 billion times before or something.  I am not sure if he’d seen Heart before.

I do not do very well with loud noise anymore (actually I’ve always been somewhat noise sensitive and it seems to get worse the older I get), so I was a bit dubious about a rock concert.    There were times that Jeff Dunham had me climbing out of my skin and he’s a comedian (who we are going to see again in November, I might add…very excited about that).

It was an outdoor venue, so I was hopeful that I would handle it ok.   After we left the house, I thought I should have brought ear plugs, but figured I’d just tough it out.  I was thrilled to discover they sold ear plugs there for a mere $3 so we snapped those suckers up when we bought our other souvenirs.

It was very hot out and I felt bad for both Heart and Def Leppard.  Maybe they are used to it, but they looked a bit miserable, in the heat.  Ann Wilson, in particular looked like she would rather be just about any place else, but she sounded quite good still.

I suffered through Heart without the ear plugs and the first couple Def Leppard songs, before finally giving in and once I put them in I really wish I had just used them at the start.  It made it SO much more enjoyable.  It was SOO SOO SOO loud that a lot of the time it was just a lot of noise to me.  If I didn’t know the song (like with Heart’s new song), it was just a garble of loud noise to me.  I could not make out any words at all.   Once I put in the ear plugs, it filtered it out to where even if I didn’t know the song I could hear the actual words and it made it a much better experience.

Then I was sad, I really didn’t get the full enjoyment I could have out of Heart if I had just used them from the beginning 🙁

Overall, I thought Def Leppard put on a better show, but did not sound as good vocally as Heart.   Joe Elliot, I think sounds a bit rougher than Ann Wilson in his later years.  The other parts of their show, the lighting and such, was much better than Heart’s though.   You got the feeling that Def Leppard really wanted to be at the venue.  Heart..not quite as much.

I spent a week doing nothing but saying “I have to recharge the camera batteries,”  “we can’t forget to take the camera” and variations of that and then…forgot to take the damn camera, of course.   So the only pictures we got were with John’s blackberry and are not very good, but I am putting them up here anywhere because it’s the only ones we have, unfortunately.

Blind Allegiance To Sarah Palin (Book Review)

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There is no stopping me now!   These are kind of fun to make and I am all over the map, as you can tell.   Actually, I was poking around the site and found the Squidlit area and was curious what it was.   Since Blind Allegiance was one of the last books I read, I figured I would go ahead and review it..again.   I should really have done The Lies of Sarah Palin by Geoffrey Dunn, but I kinda liked Blind Allegiance better.   I may do another lens for Lies later on, we’ll se.

So, as you probably guessed by now, I have made a lens for Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin.    Take a peek and if you have any other suggested reading be sure to add it to the list there with the handy module I have used that allows anyone to add books to the lens.   You can also vote books that are listed up or down.

You can rate Blind Allegiance and give it a thumbs up or down, as well as leave a comment as to why you liked or hated the book.   You can also just leave general feedback or comments at the bottom of the page.

If you buy anything I have recommended on the page, including any of the books that I or others recommend, a portion of the proceeds are automatically donated to the National Wildlife Federation Alaska Regional Center.  (You can verify this at the top of the page, near the rankings which I have no control over).

Towal’s Trinkets

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Well, I had so much fun making that Is a Papillon Right for Me? lens that I decided to make one that was all about meeeeeeeeeee!   Seriously, I have so many irons in the fire now, I can barely keep track of them myself.

So now, I’ve made is super simple for all my internet stalkers out there to keep track of me in one easy place 😉  Browse on over to Towal’s Trinkets and have a peek.

You’ll find a list of all my blogs, my zazzle stores, my non-blog websites and even my twitter feed and etsy store is listed.   Everything right at your finger tips.  You can even see some products from several of my stores.

As an added bonus, if you see something you can’t live without (remember all my Zazzle products are customizable making them one-of-a-kind gifts!) a portion of anything you buy from my Towal’s Trinkets lens goes directly to Big Cat Rescue. (You can verify this at the top of the page by the ranking, which I have no control over).

Is a Papillon the Right Breed For Me?

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A funny title for someone that has a bunch of Papillons, eh?   I know Papillons are right for me, but a lot of people come to my page with questions about Paps, so I decided to make a Squidoo lens to try and help answer some of those questions.

We spent a lot of years doing Papillon rescue and have/had many of our permanent resident dogs become residents because they were “unadoptable” rescues.   We love the little guys here, but they are not right for everyone.

A couple other things before you go, if you agree and want to expand on something I said or disagree with something I have said and want to offer a differing point of view, please feel free to post your perspective in the comments at the bottom of the page.   I’m happy to have other perspectives for potential Papillon owners to read.   I just want informed folks out there so Papillons are getting into good homes that are prepared to take care of them.

There is a poll where you can weigh in on the side of the Papillon or the Phalene.

Finally, if you buy anything recommended on my lens a portion of the proceeds automatically go to the National Wildlife Federation Alaska Regional Center.   They are a group dedicated to Alaska conservation issues, including clean and renewable energy solutions, sustainable tourism, global warming solutions, the cultivation of youth conservation leaders, green jobs, and getting kids outdoors. (You will notice that this can be verified at the very top of the page near the ranking that is automatically done by the system.  I have no control over it).

If you wonder if they are right for you or you just want to see what I had to say, head on over to my Squidoo lens Is a Papillon the Right Breed for Me?

Diet Update

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So it’s been forever since I gave a diet update.  Yes, just like all other updates because I suck, I know.  Yikes, I just went back and looked and it really has been forever since I gave a diet update..whoopsy 🙁   I thought I had posted a few more times in there.  Well we have lots to catch up on then.

When we last left this saga, I was no longer as suicidal as during the first phase and resigned to never really losing any weight to speak of, while John merrily shed weight like he does clothes every night, getting ready for bed.

Things went on like that for a while, but somewhere in there they….got better!  I actually started losing weight.   Not like John was losing weight, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen, so I was ok with that.

John met his goal weight and then went about 5 pounds more about 6 or maybe 8 weeks ago now, so he’s been in maintenance mode.   He gets a lot of comments about his weight loss and he does look a lot thinner.  In fact, if he loses any more weight, he is going to start looking a bit gaunt, IMO.   He lost about 30 pounds total.

We are still using Livestrong to track calories and you can see I added a little tracker doohickey over there on the right that shows my weight loss so far.    Right now (well at the time I wrote this) it’s at 26 pounds.  I was at 30 pounds lost as my lowest, but gained 5 back somehow and I’m really not sure how because I haven’t changed anything I was doing, but that is pretty much how it goes with me.  So I am working that back off again.

Oh this is a fun little story that happened right when I finally started losing weight pretty well.  I had lost about 8 pounds total (which took a fair amount of time for me I might add) and then in 2 days I gained 8.5 pounds.   I was doing nothing different.  I was not cheating or anything.  Of course, I was less than pleased about this turn of events.   I talked to my drs. about it and they had no clue.  I couldn’t do anything but just wait until I lost that weight again, which didn’t take months like it did the first time, thankfully, but since then I have just learned that sometimes I randomly gain a few pounds for no apparent reason and I don’t stress about it.   It comes back off and then I start losing again from there.   Annoying?  Sure, but there is nothing I can do about it, so it doesn’t do me any good to get worked up over it (I was plenty worked up over the 8.5 pounds, though..just for the record).

So back to the present.  We have modified what we are doing a little bit since John met his goal weight and realistically I am going to be losing weight for years to get to my goal weight.   We added potatoes in for one thing.   They are not allowed on the South Beach Diet, but I was not willing to live the rest of my life without baked potatoes.  It was just not happening.  I’d rather die fat and happy than thin and miserable.  Seriously, what is the point of losing weight if you are just completely miserable all the time.  So I read about potatoes on the internet (so it has to be true!) and decided that the pros outweighed the cons.   One of my docs agrees with me.  One wishes I would eat sweet potatoes instead.     I agree with the one that agrees with me..natch!

We also have cheat days once in a while now, which make life much better.  My pain dr. says we should have a cheat day once a week, but we don’t do that.  Usually once a month or so.  Sometimes more.  It just depends.   We are making vastly better food choices overall so I’m not sweating it.

What we are doing is obviously working.  John’s blood work, the main reason we went on the diet in the first place is vastly improved.  His triglycerides were so high that the machine could not even read them and last time they were checked, I think they were 108, which is down like 300+ points.

My blood work is good, too.  My triglycerides have always been good.  I was at 108 when we started.  I’m still at 108.   My bad cholesterol has come down a little bit and my good has gone up a little bit.   My dr. is happy with it, so yay me.

Baff Day!

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Here are some pictures from the dreaded bath day for the Chihuahua picture fans.   These are actually from pre-robe days, so I really need to get some new ones.  I’m so far behind on blogging and picture taking both!   The poor abused Chihuahua gets a bath every 2 weeks, whether she needs it or not!  She always votes for NOT!  She is pretty good in the bath and being small, it’s not too hard to keep her under control anyway.  John used to be able to just hold her completely in one hand to bathe her.

She did escape the bath tub once.  I’m still trying to figure out how she managed that since she can’t jump out of the tub and she certainly can’t climb out of a tub.  It was funny as hell though.

Guess What! Another TBA.

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I hit the jackpot on July 20, 2011.   I got 2 Today’s Best Awards!   This I’d rather be golfing apron was the other one.   I actually have 4 different I’d rather be golfing designs and this is my least favorite, personally.   I think the one with the golf clubs (also pictured below on a polo shirt) is cuter if you are going for a generic type design, but maybe that is because I’m a girl or something 😉

This apron also got a little Top 10 Apron views ribbon for July 20th, so that’s kind of neat.   It’s the little things that keep you going in this business sometimes 🙂

Another TBA

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I am not even going to try and put these posts in order of the way they actually happened, they are so old.  I am a really bad blogger and I just have to come to grips with that.  So do you, my 2 or 3 readers 😉   You probably already know all this stuff anyway and are just hoping I will get around to posting some cute pics of Tequila soon (and don’t want to hear that I have been super lax in even taking them for the last 6 or so weeks)…on to the topic at hand!

On July 20, 2011, I got a Today’s Best Award for this darling cartoon monkey.  If you know me, you know that I am not a fan of monkeys, at all.  I call them “my clowns.”  This guy is really adorable though.

Cartoon Monkey keychain
Cartoon Monkey by totstogs
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