I got a TBA (a long time ago)

Well, I didn’t do very well on my catching up, but I’m going to try and do it this week…and I just realized it’s Friday.  Well I’m going to try and do it this weekend and next week 😉  Shall we take bets on how that goes?

So anyway a really long time ago (July 7, 2011), I am happy to announce that I got a TBA (Today’s Best Award) on this cute little guy.   So far, they don’t translate into sales, but like Sally Field it makes me feel like they like me, they really like me!

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One Response to “I got a TBA (a long time ago)”

  1. Alondra says:

    ha ha I have gotten lots of TBA and I don’t think I have sold one, LOL. But it IS true you do feel like someone out there likes you, gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

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