Tequila Goes To Work

Tequila goes to work with me every day.   We work from home, of course, but she takes work seriously.  She feels her role as my supervisor is of the utmost importance and she is a micro-manager!   It is not good enough to just be in the same room or even on the same chair.  No, she has to be right where the action is.  Making sure that I am doing things properly, is a full time job.

She wanted me to post this photographic proof of what a difficult job she has keeping me in line every day, so like a good slave, I am obliging her.

Yes, that is her sleeping on my hand while I am typing

Yes, that is her sleeping perilously close to the “back” button on my keyboard.  I have had to redo more things than I care to admit when she has woken up suddenly and hit that sucker, too!

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