PCA Illustrated Standard Debacle ~ Part 2

Deirdre Ashdown saw the postings on various facebook pages and posted a copy of her skeleton drawing.   I couldn’t resist comparing that to the “new” one, naturally 🙂  Below are those comparisons.  First we have the original of both skeletons.

ashdown skeleton

Ashdown Skeleton

carlson skeleton

Carlson Skeleton


This time I will start with the one area you can actually tell is different…the tail.    I’m not sure whether  it’s Mr. Carlson’s lack of experience with Papillons so he drew the skeleton how he imagined it would look based on the furred tail that he was seeing in pictures or if someone suggested to him that the tail set in the original was wrong.  I do, personally find it interesting that the tail set is the only clear change in the skeleton and it’s a rather dramatic one at that.   Maybe someone was specially a dog with a rather loose tail set those years or something 😉   As you will see from the comparison below, the drawings are virtually identical until the point where the tail set changes in the “new” version.

skeleton tail comparison

Skeleton Tail Comparison


I don’t think there is much commentary necessary on the rest of these comparisons.   On facebook, I mentioned the very professional hand lettering on the “new” skeleton.  Deirdre hypothesized that it was one way to make it seem less like a direct copy.  That makes sense…the way that you can only draw an ear set one way makes sense, so I’m sure she’s probably on to something 😉


skeleton Skull Comparison

Skeleton Skull Comparison


skeleton ribs comparison

Skeleton Ribs Comparison


full skeleton comparison

Full Skeleton Comparison


Up next, I will be starting to compare the 2 versions of the Illustrated Standard image by image.

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  1. Meg Peifer says:

    Thank you, Towal. Thank you for all of your hard work and diligence on behalf of the Papillon Club of America (honest) members.

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