PCA Illustrated Standard Debacle ~ Part 5

If you have just come to this story you can read part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 to catch up.

I have said since this whole thing began years ago that I doubted that even Nancy could draw the same thing with such precision as the Carlson drawings.  Nancy humored me and carved out a little time to do 2 drawings so I could compare them with her original drawings.


Nancy Pinke original IS

Nancy Pinke Original IS


Nancy pinke new sketch

Nancy Pinke New Sketch


Nancy Pinke compare



As you can see the feet and chest align pretty well here.  I could get the tail to sort of align with enough futzing as you can probably see from this comparison with the matching front feet.  No matter how much resizing or adjustments I made I could not get the entire dog or even all parts of the dog to match up with the same accuracy that I could the Carlson drawing just by moving around the drawing to different areas of the original like you can see in part 1


Here are the correct head comparisons:


Nancy Pinke original is

Nancy Pinke Original IS


Nancy Pinke New sketch

Nancy Pinke New Sketch


Nancy Pinke Comparison



You can see the same thing happens here.  I could get the muzzle to line up very nicely and the left ear is not bad, but even moving it around I could not align it with the same accuracy as I could the Carlson drawings.

For those interested in copyright this case is an interesting read regarding derivative works

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  1. Meg Peifer says:

    Even the uninformed and ‘half-blind’ can see the idiocy of the president of the Papillon Club’s statement about only being ‘one way’ to draw a Papillon. As he has done on many occasions, he makes a ‘proclamation’ and believes it becomes ‘fact’. Saying it, Mr. Ray, does not make it so, despite your continued assurances. Many of the PCA members must do their homework in order that the terrible darkness perpetrated on our national breed club by this board, especially Mr. Ray, Ms. Ankersmit and Ms. Sirkoch. These three have bullied, prevaricated and hidden their private self-serving agendas, even from the other board members. Without an informed electorate, no changes will be instituted and Mr. Ray and Ms. Ankersmit will continue to hold our club hostage to their own promotion.

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