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Otter Painting

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So I decided to go with a painting of Otter for John’s Christmas painting gift.   It’s hard to decide what pet to get done, but I’ve been kind of alternating a passed over pet with a still living one.  Fortunately, we haven’t lost too many guys so far *touch wood*

Otter was my cat for about 4 years before I moved out here, but it took her about 5 minutes to decide that she was John’s cat.   I’m not bitter…much…over her decision.  It was merely foreshadowing for what was to be a pattern for every pet we have had since then, expect for Cajun.  John can’t win Cajun over from the Dark Side no matter what he does…muahhahah!

We lost Otter suddenly a couple years ago and only 3 days after we lost Zach and it was a very, very hard time.  Otter was my “heart cat” and it was really hard on me.   It’s only been recently that I have been able to look at pictures of her without bursting into tears (and that is still not always possible).  I still miss her a lot.   Parker is very Otterlike, which I think helps some, but no one will ever completely replace Otter.

Nancy did a great job with the painting.   The dog paintings we have done head shots of, but I had a photo of Otter that was taken soon after I moved here that has always been my favorite of her and it required the full body to be in the shot.   I sent several photos to Nancy and she agreed that the photo was the best one, so it was the one we decided to go with.

Riley Helps

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Riley, has many titles here.  She is very hard working!  One of her titles is Supervisory Agent Riles.  She dons this “hat” anytime John is doing something that she deems needs her “help.” This  is pretty much everything he does, because he can’t be trusted to do anything right, without Supervisory Agent Riles help, of course.   Parker is Assistant Supervisory Agent Parker, for the record.  Sometimes, tasks are deemed to low on the totem pole for actual Supervisory Agent overseeing so Riles sends Parker in her place 😉

Yesterday after we opened presents, John was transferring the tree ornaments out of the bag we had kept them in for years which was falling apart, into a nice box that some gifts had been shipped in and of course this meant that he needed supervision!

Here is Riley helping him:

As you can see, he would never have been able to accomplish his task without Riley’s expert help.  I’m not sure how we managed to get anything done in this house before we got the kittens 😉

Danger Cat

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None of the dogs or cats are allowed in the laundry room.  Cats are definitely not allowed in the laundry room.  Riley a/k/a Danger Cat is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY not allowed in the laundry room!

Riley, of course, views entry into the laundry room as a right and looooves being in the laundry room.   The door knob fell off a while back and we haven’t fixed it yet, so the door doesn’t shut tight and she likes to push it open and go in there at leisure.   Once, when John was gone to Pittsburgh, I discovered she had gone in and knocked over a brand new container of dog chewies, which the dogs proceeded to have a merry time with, of course.

John sent me this picture today and now you know why cats are not allowed in the laundry room!

Patient Parker

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So I mentioned that I was crocheting a lot again.  After I posted the hat pictures on facebook, (which was actually quite a while before I got around to blogging about it.  Yes, I am a bad blogger.  I’m working on it!) Anna’s daughter asked why I hadn’t made a sweater for her dog.   The most obvious answer was that I didn’t know she wanted a sweater for her dog 😛   I had never crocheted a dog sweater before, so I set out to find a pattern.

There are a ton of them online, but none of them were exactly what I wanted to make, but I did find one that looked kind of promising so I decided to give it a go.   None of my dogs wanted to model, but Parker (who NEVER disappoints) was laying around minding her own business.  A mistake I am sure she still regrets 😉

I sent the pictures to Anna and she had some suggestions for changes she would like for her dog, Lilly.  So I did a test sweater with those changes and sent them to her for sizing before I made a “real” (ie: pretty) sweater for her.   Here is Parker wearing the test version (who didn’t learn after the first laying around minding her own business episode):

Here is Lilly:


Sep 5th, 2009 Posted in Cats | no comment »

You would not know it from these new pictures, but Riley has really come out of her shell and has truly earned the nickname “Danger Cat.”   If there is a kitten doing something that they shouldn’t 9 times out of 10 it’s Riley.   She is willing to try lots of new things, whether those things may be smart or not 😉

She is currently plotting the death of her arch-nemesis the Ceiling Fan!   She is not sure how or when it will happen, but she is certain that she *will* be able to get it.

In one of the pics, you will notice Riley is carrying around a small white mouse toy.   This is a toy that used to be Otter’s and it’s what we call “well loved.”    I have been buying them all kinds of new toys and fun new catnip mice toys in all different kinds and colors, which they do enjoy, but when we cleaned out the cat room we found one lone mouse left over from when Otter played with toys.

I just left it in the cat room with the other toys that we found hiding amongst the boxes and didn’t think much of it.   Riley found it and it has become her soulmate.   She carries that mouse round with her everywhere.  She actually holds the mouse while playing with other toys and if the mouse somehow gets misplaced, she will stop whatever she is doing and find the mouse.

Parker playing with the mouse is greatly frowned upon and Riley will go to great lengths to keep Parker from obtaining the mouse.  If Parker does get it, then Riley will pounce on her and immediately retrieve it and go off to play with her mouse on her own.

The dogs carry toys around all the time and it’s cute, but I don’t think that much of it because it’s what dogs do.  I’ve never had a cat that is that enamoured with one specific toy, so it really amuses me when I see Riley carrying around her mouse.

The Not-Quite-Daily Parker Post

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I have been a little lax on the daily kitten posts 😉   Here are some new pictures of Parker and the kittens good friend Obie.  Obie is about the last dog I expected would like, let alone actually be interested in the kittens.  He is actually very interested in them and seems to really enjoy them (when he really doesn’t enjoy a whole lot..he’s a bit grouchy).

He is the only dog that is allowed in the cat room because he pays absolutely no attention to anything but the kittens.  He completely ignores the toys, litterboxes and cat food.  He does pay rapt attention to the kittens every move and follows them around like a shadow.     He doesn’t really try to play with them, but if they play with him he’s ok with that.  He mostly just likes to follow them around and watch them (not in a prey type way).


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Parker and Riley have been waging a war for a couple weeks.  The War to Claim the Top of the Cat Tree has been valiantly fought by both sides, but the introduction of a new bed was the turning point in that war.

Orion has long held the Queen of the Cat Tree title and could most often be found there.   The introduction of the kittens seemed to just make her more resolved never to leave the safety of the upper deck while the interlopers were free in her midst.

Many attempts were waged by the kittens to dislodge her from her spot, mostly out of curosity, I think.   They even tried double teaming her, with one drawing her attention and the other trying to get to the top of the tree, but each attempt was met with a big hiss and a few whaps of the paw.

Orion did stop completely ignoring them and started watching them after a day or so, but still had no desire to actually be near either of them.   Her icy position has started to melt a little and we have even caught all three of them at the top of the tree, if briefly (too brief for photographic evidence so far).

Below you have the kitten victory session of cat tree playing, while Orion watches from the safety of the new black bed.

Things that go Moosh!

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Orion is finally getting used to the interlopers in her world and has stopped living on top of the cat tree the majority of the time so we were able to get a few pictures of her in various other places.

She did immediately claim the lovely, soft, black bed that I bought for the kittens, but they don’t seem to mind as they can now venture to the top of the cat tree without risking life and limb.

They have been DYING to see the top of the tree since they were introduced to the “cat room,” but Orion was the Mighty Defender of the Upper Deck and valiantly fought off anyone that dared darken the top of the tree.

(Almost) Daily Kitten post

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Not a whole lot new on the kitten front, other than they are so much fun and they are really good kittens.  They are still being crated part of the time as all the dogs aren’t quite kitten friendly yet and we have a foster dog that will (thankfully) be leaving soon that will *never* be safe around them.

They enjoy anything we give them to play with.  I had gotten a little cat tree/house thing for Otter and Orion a while back and both of them shunned it and wanted nothing to do with it.   John got it out for Riley and Parker last night and they had fun exploring it, climbing all over it and using the sisal scratching post areas.

When I got out the camera to take pictures, like a moth to a flame, Parker ran over to play with the lens cap and I got this super close up of Paxton checking our Parker.

Paxton meets the kittens

Oct 2nd, 2008 Posted in Cats | no comment »

We have been keeping the kittens in either a crate or an expen as we slowly introduce them to the dogs.   At first Paxton was not at all happy with these tiny interlopers and he would bark frantically (bordering on hysteria) when we first got them.

Bun has a bit of problem with change.  I don’t blame him.  I don’t like it either.   So we have tried introducing him to the kittens while holding one and he was having none of that either.  Finally I decided he would get used to them and settle down.

Last night, he was showing some interest in them without being hysterical so I decided we would try introducing him to them today while they were playing in the bedroom.

As I expected, he was fine with them today, now that he is used to them being around.  He DESPERATELY wanted to play with them, but they are not quite to that point yet.  He tried every cute trick in his book to entice them into playing with him.

After he calmed down a bit (he was pretty excited at first), they started playing with each other.  He watched them and tried to get them to let him join in, but had no luck on this first attempt.  He finally gave up, in disgust, and asked to be let out of the bedroom to continue on his normal morning routine.

Since pictures are so small so it’s hard to see this, but Parker is playing with Paxton here and batting him on the nose.  I cropped out a close up to make it easier to see.