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Parker was very broken from the shot yesterday, but she is much better today.  She is still not quite 100%, but I expect she will be by tonight.

She looks kinda scared here, her eyes are so big. She is actually watching Riley in what appears to be disbelief that she is being SO bad.  Riley was busy climbing up and down the TV pillow and trying to get on top of the headboard to get something she sees on the wall (that is invisible to the human eye as far as I can tell).

Parker continues to have quite a good time with the play mat that we got for them.

Parker is VERY intrigued by the camera and in particular the lens cap and the nylon camera strap.  It makes taking pictures a challenge when you have a small foot batting at the lens cap or pulling on the strap.

The Elusive Riley

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Ever since her trip to the vet, Miss Riley has really turned the corner with her timidness.   I guess it just took her a few days to get her bearings and her true personality to come out.   She has now earned the nickname “Danger Cat” because she’s actually far more bold than Parker (aka: Adventure Cat) in some regards.

We are not letting them roam free in the house yet because we are slowly introducing them to the dogs to make sure everyone is kitten friendly (the other cats were long adult by the time most of the dogs came here).   We have them in an expen with a cat tree and toys in the livingroom to get the dogs used to them and used to their fast, pinball like movements so they don’t treat them like prey.

Parker will jump out once in a while, but you can tell she is planning it and cut her off at the pass most of the time.  Not Riley.  She just crawls up the cat tree and goes over the side in one fluid motion.

Today, they were running around the bedroom and Riley was having a lot of fun exploring.  So much fun, in fact, that I had a really hard time getting any pictures of her.

Well, I got lots of pictures of her tail, the space where she was, the corner of her ears etc 😉

Here is pretty much the only good picture I managed to get this morning.

So soft, sweet and innocent looking.  I have a feeling this one is going to end up the more evil of the two!

I also got a good one of Riley and Parker playing on top of the TV pillow I have sitting on the bed.

That is Riley on the top and Parker on the bottom


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Today is Orion’s 11th birthday.


Happy Birthday, Moosh!

Clean bill of health!

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Yesterday was the kittens first vet appointment. They did well and got a clean bill of health, so we are happy about that.

It was interesting to see that while Parker is the brave “adventure cat” while in the house, she’s not as confident when she’s somewhere new. She was very vocal about her dislike of being “manhandled” by the vet and the vet tech.

Today she is “broken” from the shot and just wants to lay in her crate and be left alone thankyouverymuch!

Yesterday when we got home, she was full of energy. We got them a new play mat and she really makes getting toys fun because she absolutely gets her value out of any new toys.

Riley on the other hand was VERY interested in the exam room at the vet.  She explored every corner and took their “torture” like a big girl.

She was “broken” yesterday (as shown in the photo below), but today she is ready and raring to go.  She was sticking paws out of her crate first thing and hollering to be set free (and oh by the way FEED ME!).  She is not sure what to do with herself since her sister has no desire to do anything today.

Otter Memorial

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Yesterday, when we had the kittens at the vet we were able to pick up Otter’s ashes.   I have never had a pet cremated before so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when they returned the ashes.

I have to say that I am impressed with the way this very sensitive matter is handled, at least by our vet hospital.

The ashes were returned in a very nice decorative wooden box and also there is a nice little certificate that certifies that they are returning your pets ashes and it has her name and date and our names on it.  They also include a little engraved nameplate that you can stick on the box.

We also received her memorial stone on Monday and John put it out in the yard yesterday with Zach and Ruthie.

Introducing Parker and Riley

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Normally we would not add new additions to our family while still reeling from the loss of 2 pets in such a short time.

Orion has been beside herself since Otter passed.  We got Orion when she was 10 weeks old and she has always had Otter as her buddy.   Otter hated her at first, but by the end of the first week, they were always sleeping together and playing.

Orion is completely lost without her friend and was making the most heart-wrenching calls for her ever since John came home without her.  I have worried about this situation happening for several years, but while Otter was getting older, she seemed to be in great shape so I wasn’t in a big rush to get a kitten.

Originally, I was going to look this past spring, but we got Mr. Paxton so I decided to wait until next spring to look for a kitten.

Unfortunately, that plan didn’t work out so well and we had Orion miserable and calling for her friend that would never return.   Every time she cried my heart broke a little bit more, so I started looking for a kitten.

I knew this may not solve Orion’s misery, but I hoped that having another cat around would help eventually, even if they didn’t get along at first.

When these two 10-week old girls came up needing a home we decided to take them both in.   They are being slowly integrated into the house because not all the dogs have been around kittens before and they are being kept separate from Orion until they have their vet check on Tuesday.

We did show them to her though and she perked up and there was no hissing or growling (from her..the kittens were a little unsure still) and most importantly she has stopped making that heartbreaking call since she has seen them.

So here we have Parker:

Otter may have had a paw in bringing these little ones to us.

Parker reminds me SO much of Otter.  When John brought them home, they were a little shell-shocked,  between the car ride and the barking dogs when they got inside.  John opened the crate and Parker came right out with headbutts and purring.

She is a wild child and I call her Adventure Cat because she is willing to try anything.   She has taken the dogs in stride and is starting so show some interest in some of them.   She immediately tested out all the new cat toys and climbed right to the top of the cat tree as soon as she saw it.

She purrs the second she can see a person and she even drools when happy like Otter did (which I still find as gross as I did when Otter did it, but it’s a nice memory of her.) 😉

She also is a big fat pig like Otter was.   We have to make sure that we watch them eat to make sure Riley gets her share which is reminiscent of the Otter/Orion relationship.

Riley on the other hand is very reserved and a bit timid.   She has earned the nickname Miss Riley because she is very prim and proper.  She likes to take her time scoping out a situation and is much happier being held than out adventuring.   She is still pretty wary of the dogs and is happy to stay in her crate right now.

Right now we are hand feeding her because she doesn’t seem to be very interested in food if left to her own devices.  She does drink water quite well though so I’m sure she will come along in the eating department once she is more settled in.

She is happy to sit on a lap or shoulder and survey the world from those safe spots.  She does purr, but it takes her a few minutes to get her motor running after you pick her up.   She likes to make sure of the situation before she relaxes.

I miss Otter terribly and still cry a lot, but it’s hard to be sad ALL the time with babies in the house.

(Riley in front and Parker in back)