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Vote for Tequila!

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Tequila is entered in a Halloween Costume Contest at Ask Away.   She would love your vote.   She is offering cyber puppy wags and kisses and future cute pictures for your trouble 😉

You can vote once every 24 hours at the link above.  She is the 3rd one down.

Here is a preview of her costume.  This was sent to us by my friend’s mom.  I had bought her a orange/black dress that could be used after Halloween as well rather than a costume per se, so I was really thrilled with this one.   She wore it to her vet visit yesterday and it was a huge hit with everyone there 🙂

Tequila playing

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This is a short video I took of Tequila and John playing. She was doing this with him and our vet appt. last week and it was cracking up the vet and she said “you should get a video of that.” So I did. I love when she rolls over on her back and paddles her feet at him. That is a very Teq move. She is always flopping over for a belly rub or rolling over and waving her feet at…well everyone.

Tequila Goes To Work

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Tequila goes to work with me every day.   We work from home, of course, but she takes work seriously.  She feels her role as my supervisor is of the utmost importance and she is a micro-manager!   It is not good enough to just be in the same room or even on the same chair.  No, she has to be right where the action is.  Making sure that I am doing things properly, is a full time job.

She wanted me to post this photographic proof of what a difficult job she has keeping me in line every day, so like a good slave, I am obliging her.

Yes, that is her sleeping on my hand while I am typing

Yes, that is her sleeping perilously close to the “back” button on my keyboard.  I have had to redo more things than I care to admit when she has woken up suddenly and hit that sucker, too!

Tequila Update

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Tequila is doing well.  She is 8 months old now.  Time flies, it seems like just yesterday, she was a tiny little slip of a thing that fit in my palm.   She is still pretty small at just under 4 pounds.

She was scheduled for her spay and to have her 2 remaining baby teeth removed, but I decided to pull blood work on her as a precaution.  I never pull blood work on puppies prior to spay or neuter and we have never had problems, but we have had a bad year this year with losing 2 dogs in close proximity and I could not bear the thought of something happening to Teq under anesthetic.

My vet, who is absolutely wonderful, is used to my bouts of irrationality about some things and thought it was not a bad idea to pull the blood work on her since she is a Chihuahua and while she has not shown any symptoms of having a shunt it’s something that can happen in the breed and we still aren’t sure what the “regurg” thing is about.

We also took Mr. Turner in for his yearly check up and blood work.

So the day before we were supposed to take Teq in for her spay, the vet calls me with the results of the blood work on both dogs.  She gave me Turner’s first and his looked great.  He is going to be 13 this year and he had cancer a few years ago and had chemotherapy.  His blood work looked great.   He was given an A+ on his test 😉

Her next words were: “Now don’t panic,” so I knew something came back with Teq’s liver and I was right.    It actually wasn’t that bad.  Her ALT was a bit elevated, but the rest of her blood work was great.  Her blood sugar was also a bit high, which is kind of strange, but she wasn’t worried about that.  I can’t recall now why she said that can happen, but it wasn’t high enough to worry about.

She doesn’t act like a shunt dog and with a shunt you normally see other blood values off, so we do not think it’s a shunt.   Sometimes a parasite can cause ALT to be elevated, so we postponed the spay and did a course of wormer and will do another blood test and see what her values look like at that point.   If it’s still elevated, then we will have to do something more “aggressive” like x-rays and a bile acid test.

As it turns out, it’s probably good we waited because Teq went into heat the next day so I’m sure that would have been an extra hard spay once she got in there and everything was all swollen up and yucky from her being in heat.

Here is Miss Teq at the vet, in one of her custom made dresses from The California Chi.   These are such a big hit and they are so well made.   Teq really loves them as well.

Baff Day!

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Here are some pictures from the dreaded bath day for the Chihuahua picture fans.   These are actually from pre-robe days, so I really need to get some new ones.  I’m so far behind on blogging and picture taking both!   The poor abused Chihuahua gets a bath every 2 weeks, whether she needs it or not!  She always votes for NOT!  She is pretty good in the bath and being small, it’s not too hard to keep her under control anyway.  John used to be able to just hold her completely in one hand to bathe her.

She did escape the bath tub once.  I’m still trying to figure out how she managed that since she can’t jump out of the tub and she certainly can’t climb out of a tub.  It was funny as hell though.

Tequila Wardrobe (part 5)

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When I first contacted The California Chi about some custom work, it was mainly to get some clothes done in Pirates and Steelers fabric (to try and win John over to the dark side of dressing Chihuahuas).   Unfortunately when we went to buy more fabric, we could not find either version of the Pirates fleece anywhere 🙁    Fortunately, I was able to scrounge up enough scraps that I had left over to send and get 1 shirt.

Tequila Wardrobe (part 4)

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Today in the Tequila Wardrobe series, we are going to feature 2 great t-shirts from The California Chi.   These are both from fabric that April had in stock.  The purple camo one is a knit fabric and I think Teq looks absolutely great in purple 🙂    The pawprint fabric is a thermal or waffle knit and they are great year round.   Teq loves them even in the summer, particularly because I keep the house a bit chilly for her tastes.

Tequila Wardrobe (part 3)

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I saw a cute robe and wanted to get one for Teq for after her bath, but of course they were all way too huge for her. So I got some cute material and was just going to have April, at The California Chi, make me a shirt for her out of it.   During our emails, I mentioned that I had wanted a robe for Teq, but just asked her for a shirt.  She surprised me with an actual robe, which I LOVE!

Teq also loves it and wears it long after she is dry.  I think she looks absolutely darling in it.

Tequila Wardrobe (part 2)

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Continuing picture from Tequila’s new wardrobe by April from The California Chi or The California Chi on Facebook.  April was great to work with and her prices are very reasonable.  I highly recommend her.   She custom made Teq’s clothes based on her measurements, which is so wonderful because until just recently Teq could not wear any of the store bought clothes…they were all way too huge for her.    Now she can wear the xxs stuff, but I no longer need it with these  great custom made clothes 🙂

Today we are showing off Steelers dresses, which I think turned out absolutely darling.

The Big Room

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Teq does not yet get full access to the entire house for safety reasons (she is pretty small) and she also doesn’t get full access to the backyard like the other dogs yet.  So when she gets to go out in the full back yard we say she is thinking “wow this is a really big room” (yes we are anthropomorphizing, it’s part of the fun of owning a pet) 😛

She burns a lot (A LOT) of energy in “the big room” so I am starting to let her go out there more often now that she is a bit older and has shown she has no desire to try and get under the deck or any of the other teeny, tiny places that small dogs shouldn’t be going, but Papillons all seemed to think were the best places EVAH when they were puppies (I finally learned by the time we got the chihuahua!).

Here are some pictures of the Chihuahua and her Papillon siblings in “the big room” over the weekend (some comments follow):

Pictures of Bun without’s a festivus miracle!  Poor Bun, hopefully the allergy shots will start working and he can be permanently headgear free.   I’ve managed to keep some fringe on him despite the headgear (not an easy feat), so you can imagine how much fringe he’d have if he wasn’t wearing that thing 24/7 for the last couple years.   He’s a good boy.   You can see Teq taking advantage of his temporary headgearlessness to jump on his head.   He prefers to play with her WITH the headgear on (I don’t blame him, her baby teeth are sharp).

Kendall is getting so red, which I do not understand, because I don’t see her incessantly licking , but from the looks of her legs you would think that is ALL she does.  She is going to be 9 and is a pet, so it’s not really a battle I am planning to fight, but it’s slightly perplexing.

A picture of camera shy Obie with his *great* front *cough*   That was one of the few times when he has actually posed for a shot.  Usually he runs when he sees the camera. Maybe the prozac is working.