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Mooshey and Teq loved the beds I made them so much that I decided to make some beds for a couple of my friends.    I spent a couple weeks sewing beds (because I am a s l o w sewer lol) and finally I sent them all off.  I was rewarded with these great pictures of Papillon Bed-A-Palooza!    There are a couple pics I took of just beds included here too.   Click on the pictures to view them larger.

Ruthie Painting

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I had Nancy Pinke do another painting for John.  This time for Valentine’s Day.  This one was a bit tough because I didn’t have a whole lot of pictures and the ones I had were not very good because we didn’t have a digital camera for much of the time we had Ruthie.   Nancy, did a great job and really captured Ruthie’s expression in the painting.    I called it “dim”, but she was not a dumb dog at all.  She just did not have a “bright” look about her.   In her defense, she was almost 17 years old!

Ruthie has a somewhat interesting story, in that she is one of the few dogs that came into rescue for what I considered to be a pretty legit reason and her owner did what people who surrender their dogs, while crying always say they are going to do, but *never* do. She kept in touch with us to see how Ruthie was doing.

Ruthie was turned in to rescue at the age of 11 because her owner was going to Siberia to be a missionary.   This is clearly not something that a Papillon would survive doing and it wasn’t a case of her not matching the furniture or a new baby coming or the dog just being too old now.   Her owner really wanted her to be stable in her last few years because she had been leaving her with people for periods of time while she was doing missionary work and now she was going to do this long-term time in Siberia.

Ruthie fell in love with John at first site.  I think it actually hurt her owners feelings a little bit because once she saw John she never even looked back at the owner.  She was ready to go with him and that was that.   We didn’t even bother trying to place her, given her advanced age and the fact that she thought the sun rose and set over John.   Her prior owner wanted to keep in contact and that worked out for her as well.    She and John did communicate up until Ruthie’s death and John took Ruthie to visit her at least once when she was back in the area to visit family a few years after we adopted her.

Ruthie did not care for me very much.   She did not dislike me.  I just wasn’t John.   If you were not John she did not care for you.  If you talked to her and you were not John, she had no time for you.   She would look at him like “it’s talking to me again..can’t you make it stop that?”   She would actually turn her head when I talked to her.   I did not take it personally.  I understood, I was not John 😉

She would tell him when it was time to go to bed.  If he was late, she would stand in the hallway and bark at him to let him know it was past his bedtime!   She would continue to bark until he went to bed.  Weekends included, usually.   I’m not really certain how she determined what time his bedtime was, but I’m pretty sure it coincided with *her* bedtime 😉

Ruthie was our first Papillon to cross the Rainbow Bridge in 2006.   She was there to meet Zach, Otter  and now Cajun.   We didn’t meet her until she was 11 years old, but she was a good dog and we loved her and we still miss her.

Cajun’s Memorial

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We got Cajun’s memorial stone from the same place we have gotten Ruthie’s, Zach’s and Otter’s.  Adirondack Stone Works

Our vet clinic also did something different for us this time that we have not had done before, but I really appreciated it.    When you board your dog/cat you have the option to sign them up for “arts and crafts.”   The thought of this was so funny to me, so even though we have never boarded any of our guys I asked what that was and was told you could get a paw print made and stuff like that.   So when John went to pick up Cajun’s ashes, they always had done a paw print of him for us.

You can’t tell in the picture, but the words on the dog house are “good dog.”    This turned out to be kind of funny and have special meaning for us.   We got Cajun and another foster on the same day.   The other foster was…difficult and Cajun was a very easy going dog, so I took to calling him the good dog (as opposed to the nono bad dog)  and it stuck so pretty soon he became Cajun Good Dog.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Cajun.  It looks like it’s sideways, but it’s actually the right way. He was sitting directly below my chair and I called his name and when he looked up I snapped the shot and got this one.

I miss him so much 🙁

Cajun at the Rainbow Bridge

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It has taken me a while to be able to write this post.   On February 11, 2011, Cajun crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.   As some people know, he had a bad incident several weeks ago and we almost lost him.   At that time, we initially thought that he was finally in heart failure, but he rallied over night in the ICU and we took him to a cardiologist for a consult and an echocardiogram and they discovered that he actually had a tear in the heart muscle.

It was not really related to his enlarged heart, it was just a flukey thing that can happen.   The tear was already starting to heal and the vets felt that his prognosis was good given his recovery from it at that point.  He was given some new meds and would be treated as a CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) dog from that point on, something we had been trying hard to keep him out of AND were succeeding at thus far!

He was sent home with instructions for no activity for 2 weeks.   At 12 years old and with an enlarged heart, Cajun was not an overly active dog to begin with, so this wasn’t a big deal for him.   The first couple days he was a bit sluggish, but after that he was back to his old self and you would never have known he almost died a few days before.

He went almost a week without his trademark coughing something we (and I’m sure he) were very grateful for.   He started coughing again 1 week, to the day, of the incident and it was getting progressively worse, though not any worse than it usually was.  However, I made a vet appointment for him just to make sure he was not having any fluid build up.

On the 10th, we went to his vet appt and he had a great check up.  He was really happy and had a great day.   He did is signature trick, sneezing on command,  for Dr. Julie, our vet, which she was absolutely thrilled with.  She said she had never seen that before in all her years as a vet.    She was really happy with how he looked and how his heart and lungs sounded.    We got his meds refilled and left, happy with his progress and prognosis.

We went to Petco to pick up a few things and he got a new toy and got to walk around a bit in the parking lot, which he had great fun doing.  Then we drove through Wendy’s and he got his very own hamburger, which the dogs always enjoy as a special treat when we go out.    He was fine and happy the rest of the day at home.

When we got up the next day, he was clearly distressed about something.   I counted his respiration and it was no where near the danger zone and his gums were nice and pink.  I put a call in to my vet on her cell phone which I *never* do, but I was a bit panicky.   He seemed a bit nauseated so we gave him some pepto and he did settle down after that.   I told John to go ahead and go to work since everything seemed ok at that point.     He woke up in the afternoon and seemed better.  He was interested in having treats and I was able to give him his meds in some squeeze cheese, but almost as soon has he took them he became clearly nauseated and distressed again.

He also started coughing, but that was normal after having anything to eat.  He coughed off and on for about 90 minutes and finally settled down again on my bed.   I checked on him and he was laying near my pillows on his side.  His respiration was again not near the danger zone, so I left him there to rest, knowing he must be exhausted after the coughing episode.

When I went to check on him the next time, I found him passed away right where I had left him 🙁     I was (and still am) completely devastated 🙁    He had such a good day the day before, which is a blessing, but it’s SO hard to lose him the very next day.

Our vet thinks it was probably the “cord” in one of the values in the heart that snapped (which they suspected with the first incident that turned out to be the tear) or that he threw a clot.   We will never know for sure, but she says that fact that his respiration never went into the danger zone and his gums stayed pink is a good sign that he did not suffer (ie: suffocate/die painfully) and he probably just kind of faded away.

Cajun was loved and he is very deeply missed.

Bun’s Birthday Toy

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Bun picked a blue squeeky kitty cat out of the Big Toy Box for his birthday.   We have a big box of toys in the closet and the dogs (that play with toys) get to pick a toy of their choice out of it on special occasions.   The dogs that do not play with toys get something else on special occasions.  For example, Polo likes to have a cheeseburger from McDonald’s on his special days 😉

Anyway, here is Bun with his special day choice.

Happy Birthday Paxton!

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Our New Year’s (eve) Baby is 3 today!   It seems like just yesterday that Grandma Anna was dropping him on his head 😉

Happy Birthday Bun!

Turner Painting

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After the great job Nancy did with Zach, I decided to have Mr. Turner done for John’s birthday.   This one was a bit harder to choose the photo for since we have had Turner since he was a puppy, but I had 2 pictures in mind that were favorites of both mine and John’s.  Nancy was helpful in picking which she thought would look better for the painting and also which would work best hanging next to the painting of Zach.

My idea was to hang the paintings next to each other down the hallway, but once we got them we have ended up hanging them in the office where we spend the most time so we can look at them all the time.   We are going to end up having to move some other stuff we have hanging on the walls in here to make room for paintings because I have plans to continue to get paintings for John until I run out of pets!    They are such a great way to commemorate our guys and it’s so much better than another t-shirt!!!!!

Here is the fabulous Mr. Turner and once again the painting is so much better in person.


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I am pretty far behind on blogging.  I am still not sure this is really my cup of tea, but I keep periodically giving it a whirl 😉  Anyway, John is hard to buy presents for, in my opinion.  I think he disagrees, but he’s not the one trying to buy himself presents 😛   Anyway, one person only needs so many t-shirts/clothes.

In fact, a few weeks ago he pulled out a sweatshirt that I am sure I was absolutely THRILLED to find because it had Taz on it and was Steelers as well!   However, it had been so long since he’d worn it (because he has about 10 billion sweatshirts) that we had both forgotten that he even had it.   Now it’s back in the “rotation” of sweatshirts, but who knows what others clothing treasures he has buried in there waiting to be found!

So I was casting about one day trying to figure out something else to get him and landed at Nancy Pinke’s site.   I decided to contact her about having a painting done of Zach-a-roo and after some discussion with her, I did end up having one done for our anniversary.

She did a BEAUTIFUL job and was so great to work with.  Zach  was not a healthy guy during his last few years and was on a variety of meds that made him very bloated, but some of my better pictures of him were during this later “bloated tick” years.   Nancy was able to use some of the pictures from when he was younger as well as the pictures of him later on and came up with such a wonderful representation of Zach that when I first opened the email with the rough draft in it, that I literally burst into tears.

Here is the final version and this picture is not really doing the painting justice.  It’s really much better in person.

Paxton grows up

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I’m still playing around with Photobucket.  It’s been a few slow “news” days here so I thought I would post this slideshow of The Bun growing up.   These pictures are from when he is 3 months to 9 months old.

Ears tell the tale

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We have dubbed our spare room, which is mostly used for storage, as the “cat room.”   We have a baby gate blocking the door so the cats can come and go, but the dogs can’t get in.   This gives the cats a safe haven from the dogs if they don’t want to be bothered and we can free fed them and not worry about the dogs getting in the litter pan.

The cats were long adult by the time we blocked the room off for them, so the room being kind of haphazardly arranged wasn’t an issue.   It is not kitten safe though, so this weekend was the kitten-proofing of the “cat room” project.

Bun, does not like change…at all.  Thus, kitten-proofing the “cat room”  translates to a time of great worry in Paxtonland.  Paxton’s ears are a really good barometer of his mood.   Up ears is a happy Bun.  Floppy ears is a stressed out Bun.

Here is Paxton, relating to his dad that he’s had ENOUGH of this change crap and would like things to go back to normal.

Here he is looking at the kittens playing, but as you can see his ears show he’s not very pleased about the whole day’s events

Here are a couple close ups I got when he was watching Parker play with the camera strap.