About 10 years ago when I first became disabled, I was casting about for something to keep me busy.  Prior to my disability, I was a workaholic and constantly doing *something*.  Now I was disabled and living 2400 miles from everyone I knew.

I decided to start a personal webpage to keep busy with.  I knew absolutely nothing about HTML or how to make graphics, but I threw myself into learning the HTML from books.

I started out surfing the web for graphics and backgrounds I could use and like many people think back on my first webdesign and cringe 😉

Once I learned the basics of HTML, I wanted to be able to do more customized grahpics and was introduced to a program called Xara 3d which basically allowed you to create customized buttons and banners.

My friends used to laugh at me because I was basically changing my webpage every week or two as made new buttons that I liked.

Eventually, I was introduced to PhotoImpact.  Initially, I used it just to touch up photos, but after playing around with it some I found out that it was very user friendly and didn’t have a steep learning curve.

I started learning more from tutorials and met many great people in the Photoimpact community.  I started making my own backgrounds and graphics and kept redesigning my site on a bi-weekly basis.

I started offering my backgrounds and some graphics for download and soon the page was too large to do the continual redesigning project.  I picked a design I liked and ended up sticking with that for several years.  Now I do a new design every year or 2 or when I learn something new (like using wordpress) 😉

I still offer my free downloads (be sure to read my Terms of Use please), but now my graphics are offered on their own site: http://www.towal-graphics.com

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