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Heart and Def Leppard

Aug 27th, 2011 Posted in General Musings | no comment »

On July 31, 2011, John and I went to a Heart/Def Leppard concert.   I had seen Heart in concert in 1985 or 1986, so I was excited to see them again.  I was sorta luke warm about Def Leppard.  John had seen Def Leppard like 20 billion times before or something.  I am not sure if he’d seen Heart before.

I do not do very well with loud noise anymore (actually I’ve always been somewhat noise sensitive and it seems to get worse the older I get), so I was a bit dubious about a rock concert.    There were times that Jeff Dunham had me climbing out of my skin and he’s a comedian (who we are going to see again in November, I might add…very excited about that).

It was an outdoor venue, so I was hopeful that I would handle it ok.   After we left the house, I thought I should have brought ear plugs, but figured I’d just tough it out.  I was thrilled to discover they sold ear plugs there for a mere $3 so we snapped those suckers up when we bought our other souvenirs.

It was very hot out and I felt bad for both Heart and Def Leppard.  Maybe they are used to it, but they looked a bit miserable, in the heat.  Ann Wilson, in particular looked like she would rather be just about any place else, but she sounded quite good still.

I suffered through Heart without the ear plugs and the first couple Def Leppard songs, before finally giving in and once I put them in I really wish I had just used them at the start.  It made it SO much more enjoyable.  It was SOO SOO SOO loud that a lot of the time it was just a lot of noise to me.  If I didn’t know the song (like with Heart’s new song), it was just a garble of loud noise to me.  I could not make out any words at all.   Once I put in the ear plugs, it filtered it out to where even if I didn’t know the song I could hear the actual words and it made it a much better experience.

Then I was sad, I really didn’t get the full enjoyment I could have out of Heart if I had just used them from the beginning 🙁

Overall, I thought Def Leppard put on a better show, but did not sound as good vocally as Heart.   Joe Elliot, I think sounds a bit rougher than Ann Wilson in his later years.  The other parts of their show, the lighting and such, was much better than Heart’s though.   You got the feeling that Def Leppard really wanted to be at the venue.  Heart..not quite as much.

I spent a week doing nothing but saying “I have to recharge the camera batteries,”  “we can’t forget to take the camera” and variations of that and then…forgot to take the damn camera, of course.   So the only pictures we got were with John’s blackberry and are not very good, but I am putting them up here anywhere because it’s the only ones we have, unfortunately.