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Mobeus Down

Feb 23rd, 2011 Posted in Gaming | no comment »

I’m way behind on blogging, so doing a bit of catch up here.   Not too after we had gotten to 85, my friend Vampy, was in the evil underwater zone and saw a big, rare elite whale.  Another friend, Windstrider, was also online so we said we would come kill it.   It turned out to be a pretty big job 😉    We did try to kill him with just the 3 of us, but with 30 MILLION health it was taking a long while.   We had him down a fair chunk of health, when he reset.  At that point, we called in some more friends and we did kill him.   He was so big, that I couldn’t get the whole body into the screen shot no matter what angle I tried.

(this one is full size if you click it)