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Otter Painting

Dec 27th, 2010 Posted in Cats | no comment »

So I decided to go with a painting of Otter for John’s Christmas painting gift.   It’s hard to decide what pet to get done, but I’ve been kind of alternating a passed over pet with a still living one.  Fortunately, we haven’t lost too many guys so far *touch wood*

Otter was my cat for about 4 years before I moved out here, but it took her about 5 minutes to decide that she was John’s cat.   I’m not bitter…much…over her decision.  It was merely foreshadowing for what was to be a pattern for every pet we have had since then, expect for Cajun.  John can’t win Cajun over from the Dark Side no matter what he does…muahhahah!

We lost Otter suddenly a couple years ago and only 3 days after we lost Zach and it was a very, very hard time.  Otter was my “heart cat” and it was really hard on me.   It’s only been recently that I have been able to look at pictures of her without bursting into tears (and that is still not always possible).  I still miss her a lot.   Parker is very Otterlike, which I think helps some, but no one will ever completely replace Otter.

Nancy did a great job with the painting.   The dog paintings we have done head shots of, but I had a photo of Otter that was taken soon after I moved here that has always been my favorite of her and it required the full body to be in the shot.   I sent several photos to Nancy and she agreed that the photo was the best one, so it was the one we decided to go with.

Riley Helps

Dec 26th, 2010 Posted in Cats | no comment »

Riley, has many titles here.  She is very hard working!  One of her titles is Supervisory Agent Riles.  She dons this “hat” anytime John is doing something that she deems needs her “help.” This  is pretty much everything he does, because he can’t be trusted to do anything right, without Supervisory Agent Riles help, of course.   Parker is Assistant Supervisory Agent Parker, for the record.  Sometimes, tasks are deemed to low on the totem pole for actual Supervisory Agent overseeing so Riles sends Parker in her place 😉

Yesterday after we opened presents, John was transferring the tree ornaments out of the bag we had kept them in for years which was falling apart, into a nice box that some gifts had been shipped in and of course this meant that he needed supervision!

Here is Riley helping him:

As you can see, he would never have been able to accomplish his task without Riley’s expert help.  I’m not sure how we managed to get anything done in this house before we got the kittens 😉

Danger Cat

Dec 25th, 2010 Posted in Cats | no comment »

None of the dogs or cats are allowed in the laundry room.  Cats are definitely not allowed in the laundry room.  Riley a/k/a Danger Cat is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY not allowed in the laundry room!

Riley, of course, views entry into the laundry room as a right and looooves being in the laundry room.   The door knob fell off a while back and we haven’t fixed it yet, so the door doesn’t shut tight and she likes to push it open and go in there at leisure.   Once, when John was gone to Pittsburgh, I discovered she had gone in and knocked over a brand new container of dog chewies, which the dogs proceeded to have a merry time with, of course.

John sent me this picture today and now you know why cats are not allowed in the laundry room!

Patient Parker

Dec 22nd, 2010 Posted in Cats, Crafts | no comment »

So I mentioned that I was crocheting a lot again.  After I posted the hat pictures on facebook, (which was actually quite a while before I got around to blogging about it.  Yes, I am a bad blogger.  I’m working on it!) Anna’s daughter asked why I hadn’t made a sweater for her dog.   The most obvious answer was that I didn’t know she wanted a sweater for her dog 😛   I had never crocheted a dog sweater before, so I set out to find a pattern.

There are a ton of them online, but none of them were exactly what I wanted to make, but I did find one that looked kind of promising so I decided to give it a go.   None of my dogs wanted to model, but Parker (who NEVER disappoints) was laying around minding her own business.  A mistake I am sure she still regrets 😉

I sent the pictures to Anna and she had some suggestions for changes she would like for her dog, Lilly.  So I did a test sweater with those changes and sent them to her for sizing before I made a “real” (ie: pretty) sweater for her.   Here is Parker wearing the test version (who didn’t learn after the first laying around minding her own business episode):

Here is Lilly: