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Extra Cash

Jan 6th, 2011 Posted in General Musings | no comment »

So one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to work on my various online stores more.   I have been really (really really….really) lax about this ever since the last Cafepress fiasco and while I am still making money from my stores, it’s not what it could be if I was actively working them.

I am always interested in other ways to bring in a little extra money, though.  Since I’m disabled and can’t work anymore, I like having my own spending money to be able to buy gifts for John or buy stuff I want to buy just because I want to buy it.   John doesn’t really say I can’t buy stuff, but before I was disabled, I always worked and had my own money and that was one of the hardest things for me to handle about the disability.   Possibly even the hardest thing.

I found a site called ChaCha, which answers all sorts of questions that people either send in through the website or texts or calls and then they are answered by Guides.   You can sign up to be a Guide and get paid to answer questions.

Before you get all excited, it’s pretty marginal pay.   You can get paid by points (which are then converted to cash at the end of the month) or by cash and they offer 2 methods for payment.  You can have money directly deposited in your account if you have earned $150 or you can get a “pay me now” debit card option which you can do at any time , but there is a $2 fee anytime you add money to your debit card.

I am very new to this, in fact, just started being an actual Guide today, so I can’t really explain how it works all a lot of detail just yet, but I will keep you updated as I progress.

You get points for every question you answer and the point payout varies based on how many questions are answered per month.  You always get .02 per question answered if you go with the cash route.   If you go with points, the top point earners get their payouts doubled, as I understand it, so there is some incentive to use the point system for people that are going to be very active doing this.

Now, this does not sound like very much money and it’s not something you are going to get rich doing, but you can work any time of the day or night on your own schedule, which was very appealing for me, particularly since I tend to be up in the wee hours of the morning a lot of the time.

You do have to take a timed, multiple choice, 20 question quiz before you proceed and once you pass that (it’s easy), you have some orientation videos and then a readiness exam before you can start answering questions for real people.   You do only have ONE chance to pass the readiness exam, so you need to be sure you are comfortable with the process before you start that.  They have a lot of instructional materials for you to look at, though so you should have no problem getting read for the exam.   The exam, is answering 10 questions as though you were a guide.

It does take 2-4 days to get your exam results (according to the email), but I got mine back in a little over 24 hours.    If you do decide to sign up and want to use me as a referral, we both get a bonus of some kind for being on a team (I don’t really understand it yet), but you just put in my email towal at towal dot com (enter it like a regular email address in the field).

So far it’s been fun.  I’ll make another blog entry once I get a little more versed in the ropes 🙂