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OU Softball

Jul 1st, 2011 Posted in Chihuahuas, Crafts | no comment »

Teq and I braved the outside world and went to one of John’s softball games.  Actually 2 games, as it was a double header.   It was fun, but the temperature was approximately the same as the surface of the sun!   We were both quite ready to come back to the air conditioning by the time it was over  😉

Teq had a great time, though.  She thought everyone was there JUST. TO. SEE. HER!    Anytime someone walked up to the xpen, she would throw herself down for a belly rub.  I suggested that maybe everyone didn’t want to rub her belly, but she assured me that I was being silly and of course everyone wanted to rub her belly..duh!

I was ambitious prior to going and wanted her to have “team spirit” so set out to make her a harness in the team colors.   I drug John to the fabric store and set him loose to find the proper green, which was a good thing because I would have gotten the wrong shade.  He, on the other hand, got the perfect shade.  Her harness matched the towel he has perfectly 😉

I also got a O and U to sew on and I wanted a kitty paw (the logo they used when John went there), but had no luck finding one anywhere.   Anna suggested a pin and as luck would have it, I collect hat pins and happened to have an OU “kitty paw” one, so stuck that on the harness to cover the kitty paw aspect.

Some pics from the games:

It was hot!

See, perfect match on the fabric

Did I mention it was a double header?

Run faster dad!

Couple pics of John since we were at his game 😛

Christmas Miscellany

Jan 4th, 2011 Posted in General Musings | no comment »

A few miscellaneous things from my camera 🙂

John got me this Agent P (a/k/a Perry The Platypus).  I am ALL about Phineas and Ferb, so was very thrilled by this gift.

I was sort of surprised that John asked for this one.  While it does have the old “kitty paw” logo vs the new Bobcat logo they use now, he usually isn’t much for when the colors aren’t the normal team colors.   Last night he was wearing this shirt and he said he really liked the shirt, but he did think it was weird that it was purple.

My friend Ashley sent me a skein of Lion Brand Wool Prints yarn, in Autumn Sunset.   I had never used wool yarn before.  I’m not a big fan of wool myself, so I had never been keen to try any of the wool yarns.   This yarn was great to work with though and I will absolutely get more of it, when I’m allowed to buy yarn again 😛

These are not the best pictures, unfortunately.  It was kind of dark in here when I took them, so they are a bit dark and the one with the flash is kind of bright.  I decided to include it so you can see some of the detail a bit better though.

A couple obligatory pet pictures 😉

Bun, who someday we will conquer his allergy issues and he will be freed from his head gear, laying in the cat bed on the table behind my desk (next to John’s desk).

Orion, a/k/a  Office Cat taking a snooze on John’s “reader”.    Usually the cats just sit on there and throw all John’s stuff on the floor one item at a time, but I guess she was tired on that particular day.   If you enlarge the picture and look close, you can see she has her paws folded over her face.  So cute!