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Ruthie Painting

Feb 28th, 2011 Posted in Papillons | no comment »

I had Nancy Pinke do another painting for John.  This time for Valentine’s Day.  This one was a bit tough because I didn’t have a whole lot of pictures and the ones I had were not very good because we didn’t have a digital camera for much of the time we had Ruthie.   Nancy, did a great job and really captured Ruthie’s expression in the painting.    I called it “dim”, but she was not a dumb dog at all.  She just did not have a “bright” look about her.   In her defense, she was almost 17 years old!

Ruthie has a somewhat interesting story, in that she is one of the few dogs that came into rescue for what I considered to be a pretty legit reason and her owner did what people who surrender their dogs, while crying always say they are going to do, but *never* do. She kept in touch with us to see how Ruthie was doing.

Ruthie was turned in to rescue at the age of 11 because her owner was going to Siberia to be a missionary.   This is clearly not something that a Papillon would survive doing and it wasn’t a case of her not matching the furniture or a new baby coming or the dog just being too old now.   Her owner really wanted her to be stable in her last few years because she had been leaving her with people for periods of time while she was doing missionary work and now she was going to do this long-term time in Siberia.

Ruthie fell in love with John at first site.  I think it actually hurt her owners feelings a little bit because once she saw John she never even looked back at the owner.  She was ready to go with him and that was that.   We didn’t even bother trying to place her, given her advanced age and the fact that she thought the sun rose and set over John.   Her prior owner wanted to keep in contact and that worked out for her as well.    She and John did communicate up until Ruthie’s death and John took Ruthie to visit her at least once when she was back in the area to visit family a few years after we adopted her.

Ruthie did not care for me very much.   She did not dislike me.  I just wasn’t John.   If you were not John she did not care for you.  If you talked to her and you were not John, she had no time for you.   She would look at him like “it’s talking to me again..can’t you make it stop that?”   She would actually turn her head when I talked to her.   I did not take it personally.  I understood, I was not John 😉

She would tell him when it was time to go to bed.  If he was late, she would stand in the hallway and bark at him to let him know it was past his bedtime!   She would continue to bark until he went to bed.  Weekends included, usually.   I’m not really certain how she determined what time his bedtime was, but I’m pretty sure it coincided with *her* bedtime 😉

Ruthie was our first Papillon to cross the Rainbow Bridge in 2006.   She was there to meet Zach, Otter  and now Cajun.   We didn’t meet her until she was 11 years old, but she was a good dog and we loved her and we still miss her.

Otter Painting

Dec 27th, 2010 Posted in Cats | no comment »

So I decided to go with a painting of Otter for John’s Christmas painting gift.   It’s hard to decide what pet to get done, but I’ve been kind of alternating a passed over pet with a still living one.  Fortunately, we haven’t lost too many guys so far *touch wood*

Otter was my cat for about 4 years before I moved out here, but it took her about 5 minutes to decide that she was John’s cat.   I’m not bitter…much…over her decision.  It was merely foreshadowing for what was to be a pattern for every pet we have had since then, expect for Cajun.  John can’t win Cajun over from the Dark Side no matter what he does…muahhahah!

We lost Otter suddenly a couple years ago and only 3 days after we lost Zach and it was a very, very hard time.  Otter was my “heart cat” and it was really hard on me.   It’s only been recently that I have been able to look at pictures of her without bursting into tears (and that is still not always possible).  I still miss her a lot.   Parker is very Otterlike, which I think helps some, but no one will ever completely replace Otter.

Nancy did a great job with the painting.   The dog paintings we have done head shots of, but I had a photo of Otter that was taken soon after I moved here that has always been my favorite of her and it required the full body to be in the shot.   I sent several photos to Nancy and she agreed that the photo was the best one, so it was the one we decided to go with.

Turner Painting

Dec 21st, 2010 Posted in Papillons | no comment »

After the great job Nancy did with Zach, I decided to have Mr. Turner done for John’s birthday.   This one was a bit harder to choose the photo for since we have had Turner since he was a puppy, but I had 2 pictures in mind that were favorites of both mine and John’s.  Nancy was helpful in picking which she thought would look better for the painting and also which would work best hanging next to the painting of Zach.

My idea was to hang the paintings next to each other down the hallway, but once we got them we have ended up hanging them in the office where we spend the most time so we can look at them all the time.   We are going to end up having to move some other stuff we have hanging on the walls in here to make room for paintings because I have plans to continue to get paintings for John until I run out of pets!    They are such a great way to commemorate our guys and it’s so much better than another t-shirt!!!!!

Here is the fabulous Mr. Turner and once again the painting is so much better in person.


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I am pretty far behind on blogging.  I am still not sure this is really my cup of tea, but I keep periodically giving it a whirl 😉  Anyway, John is hard to buy presents for, in my opinion.  I think he disagrees, but he’s not the one trying to buy himself presents 😛   Anyway, one person only needs so many t-shirts/clothes.

In fact, a few weeks ago he pulled out a sweatshirt that I am sure I was absolutely THRILLED to find because it had Taz on it and was Steelers as well!   However, it had been so long since he’d worn it (because he has about 10 billion sweatshirts) that we had both forgotten that he even had it.   Now it’s back in the “rotation” of sweatshirts, but who knows what others clothing treasures he has buried in there waiting to be found!

So I was casting about one day trying to figure out something else to get him and landed at Nancy Pinke’s site.   I decided to contact her about having a painting done of Zach-a-roo and after some discussion with her, I did end up having one done for our anniversary.

She did a BEAUTIFUL job and was so great to work with.  Zach  was not a healthy guy during his last few years and was on a variety of meds that made him very bloated, but some of my better pictures of him were during this later “bloated tick” years.   Nancy was able to use some of the pictures from when he was younger as well as the pictures of him later on and came up with such a wonderful representation of Zach that when I first opened the email with the rough draft in it, that I literally burst into tears.

Here is the final version and this picture is not really doing the painting justice.  It’s really much better in person.